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A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for your whole day. The long-standing favorite has been a classic drip coffee machine, but pour-over coffee at home is becoming increasingly more popular, and French press is an easy favorite as well. Find out how to make coffee with all three methods with these easy steps. As a general rule, we recommend about 15 grams of ground coffee per 8-ounce cup of coffee. For four cups of coffee, that's about 60 grams of ground coffee (or about 6 coffee scoops or 3/4 cup, though a scale will yield the best results).
First, bring water to a boil in a kettle.
If using whole beans, grind the beans to a consistency similar to breadcrumbs (coarser than you'd want for pour-over). The grounds should be uniform in size, without a lot of fine grit. Add the grounds to the French press.
When the water is between 195°F and 205°F (about a minute after removal from heat), add it to the French press and stir it vigorously into the grounds. Brew for about 4 minutes, then slowly plunge the press, separating the grounds from the coffee.
Serve and enjoy. Note: if you're not planning on drinking the coffee immediately, do not leave it in the French press, as it will continue to sit on the grounds and become bitter. Instead, pour the coffee into a carafe to enjoy later.

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Patriot3’s Elevated Tactics division is at the SWAT Round-Up International (SRI) competition this week in Orlando, FL!
Come see the MARS RDD Elevated Tactics System, installed on an OEM FORD F550. *The ARC and MARS Elevated Tactics Systems being used during an aircraft/tubular assault.
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Just got in my first batch of shirts to print on. Hmu for a shirt @spitefulapparel ✔ This company's gunna go far.

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