Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine


Happy Father’s Day to my knight in shining armor. My hero. My rock. I have no idea where I would be without the guidance, love, and support from my Dad. We spent the day together just relaxing and taking it easy. It was his first time going to the Self-Realization Shrine and he loved it. We def are going back to try one of the meditation sessions. 💖🙏🏽✨

Took myself to the self realization shrine meditation gardens today ... located on sunset Blvd 1/2 mile from from the ocean... a serene and magical place.
Open in the 1950s the land was originally owned by an oil tycoon with the intent of building a luxurious hotel. However he kept having a repetitive dream that the land needed to be a place of worship for all denominations he a woke and researched ‘non denominational worship’ found the self realization spiritual center, wrote a letter to offer his land for sale... he had the dream again so decided to call, guru paramanhansa yogananda answered the call and asked him if he had called to sell his land as she had seen the vision in meditation. The rest is history.. many visitors have worshipped here including Elvis Presley, you’ll also find some of Ghandis ashes buried here nestled amongst a memorial. A very beautiful serene, majestically experience.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. -Dalai Lama🌹
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Beautiful experience with my daughter at self-realization fellowship in Pacific Palisades 🙌🏻

Year ago Every Day for a year at lunch I would sit and do Merkabah meditation for an hour at this garden embodying my studies from #masteringalchemy not knowing the significance of this space...

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is a Temple, a Shrine, and a Meditation Garden offering people from around the world a quiet oasis for meditation, prayer, and receiving the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. All are welcome.


Cute papas make cute kids. Happy Father's Day to my favorite!

She's sunshine and giggles and pigtails 98% of the time. This is the balance.

I’ve been reading Paramahansa Yogananda’s ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ without ever realizing his shrine is around the corner from my MIL’s house. #coincidence

I am no longer surprised when people leave but surprised when people stay🌙

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