https://youtu.be/nxxr47zEUxE The other night, we were driving back from Long Island after a family day at the beach and of course, we were jamming out to Hillsong. And as our 12 & 16 year olds were in the backseat literally BELTING OUT the lyrics, to this particular song that THEY requested that we sang in church the day before, “I open up my heart to you....So do what only you can, Jesus have your way in me now...” Harry said to me, “Our teenagers are back there belting out these lyrics.” And for a tender moment in time, our hearts smiled. And I reflected and analyzed as I do, that if their earthly father, human & flawed had a moment of pride as he listened to his children declare truth over their hearts, how much more so does our Heavenly Father, perfect, holy and knows no sin, delight in our praises. Just a little real life illustration that I hope helps you today as you go about your day. #worshippingourwaythroughlimbo #youcantoo

Last week, Lukey went to Underwater Art Camp, and became the cutest blobfish in the world.

Never gets old. #EarthaKitt

Bersihkan hati mu dengan senyuman yang tulus kepada semua orang

Orang yang di cintai Allah yaitu orang yang Hidup nya penuh cobaan

Jangan takut miskin di dunia yang penting kaya di akhirat

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