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Happy Earth Day, Happy Spring, Happy Everything 🌟🌷🌍

Winnie’s favorites!! Auntie Kimmy @kdoidom and a Himalayan bone, all at once!! Life is good!

Ever been kidnapped by a poet #nikkigiovanni
#kidnappoem #soul50

Here she be, Miss @laurblackman.


Lord’s day with brothers&sisters, we embrace the spring with cherry blossoms #cherryblossom #lordsday

My weekends are for my #50goalsinayear challenge 😁
What an amazing one this was 🚀🚀🚀 🎊Friday private party at @davidbowie apartment - featuring young up and coming talent (scroll ➡️ to see incredible singers)😍🎤 and crazy good magician - goal: spend time with people outside of my normal circle -lots of creatives were there- movie directors, comedians, models, screen writers, journalists ✌🏼
🎊Saturday morning started at 8:45am and a nude model 🙈 at a drawing class - goal: take arts class 🎨 in progress 🎊 goal - go to a cultural event at least 1 time a month 😬 attended @tribecafilmfestival with the amazing @carmendellorefice_official who is 87 years old and absolute definition of royal beauty 💕 in a feature film about the first ever ❗️Chinese couture designer @guopei
🎊 and last but not least - organizing Russian tv show @orelireshka_official set location for an upcoming episode at #trumptower #realestate 😉🎬#орелирешкаперезагрузка #орелирешка #орелирешкасъемки 🚀🚀🚀 that wasn’t a goal but definitely lots of fun 😀
Many take aways in these few days, need to write it down 🤓❤️ thank you all who participated 🙌🏼
Good night world 😴🌙

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