The Brixton



"Those army boys will getcha every time," they said.
Thankful to have this 6'3" ball of happiness and chivalry in my life. 💕

Memorial Day weekend staycation🍻

you know why I'm here #froséseason


The homies bday ... crown on the rocks sippers

Blessed to see another year 🙏🏾 Thanks for all the bday love and coming to celebrate more Life with me #25 #422

✊🏼Those lifelong friends♥️ that was on your side battling on the ⚽️ field grind together shine together...... #LookAtUsNow #LouisVuittonDons

Happy 23rd bday to my day one since grade one! Love love love you thank you for being my partner in crime let's hope we can make it to midnight for my bday🤗😘🎉🥂




Hokies! #bbpvc

@thebrixtondc went super hard tonight! S/o @_gudo

I'm spinning at The Brixton tonight!

Great night with some of my favorite ladies!! Love catching up with friends in Washington #DC

(08.27.14) My Boo Thang @blackkendollllll 😍😍😍 He looking like he gonna eat me alive! Lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Rp from @djpremonition

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