thank you for a wonderful 36 hours pietra (@books.tagram). I already miss you so much, but I will remember the first of our many adventures in nyc and the numerous times we went to the strand.

My Second Annual Pilgrimage to the secret Chick-Fil-A in Manhattan has been delayed until #NYU's Weinstein Dining Hall reopens after the Winter Break. Given the heart-wrenching news that there would be no Polynesian sauce on my #birthday, I was drowning my crispy chicken-hopes and waffle fry-dreams in spiked toasted marshmallow shakes and fried food at #Stand4 ... when @mickidukes showed up with this ... (She.Made.This.)

Me and my sweets. A night out.

Nutella/almonds shake (my kind of shot) #bainaMaBuena

This was the best burger I've had on a long time.

Famous toasted marshmallow shake


Boozy peanut butter cup milkshake.

Oh no oh yes


The amazing marshmallow milkshake at Stand 4 restaurant in New York City, sadly only a memory now as it closed for good this year... 😭😭😭

October 22, 2011 - Kevin and the Dragon

So in the mood for this 👌! Marshmallow milkshake 🍦

Pumpkin pie milkshake. :) #milkshake #sweets #manlyhands

Mallow shake w/ vodka. #Win

Congratulations to my wonderful cousin! You will be great and do great!

I'm mooing... @tapnahgem @tayloraiden

Just dating @autyhyde and this toasted marshmallow shake.

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