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Out here representing the best supplement company around. 💪🏼

English⬇️ La mejor manera de obtener lo que quieres, es levantarte y trabajar fuerte por el. Aportar cada día disciplina y empeño a tus sueños hace que poco a poco se vuelvan realidad. Cuida tu cuerpo, tu mente y tu espíritu... el balance hará que tu vida esté en armonía y la armonía te dará siempre felicidad. 💪💯👏⚡️💢
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ The best way to get what you want, is to get up and work hard for him. Contribute every day discipline and commitment to your dreams makes little by little come true. Take care of your body, your mind and your spirit ... balance will make your life be in harmony and harmony will always give you happiness.

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Sampling @redcon1 products with the boys @thomas_giltman and @davecopel.. come stop by and get some samples 💪🏽
#redcon1 #redcon1frontline

We out here! @redcon1 demo at Busy Body West. Thomas and Gregs first demo so come show some love!! #redcon1 #redcon1frontline

Yep they'll be there passing out samples. Happening right here @teamproteinsandbarbells @busybodyfitnesscenters . Come join us 💪👍

Back to my routine. 😀 Sickness is almost gone and there's work to be done. Feels good to be back in the gym grinding! Even the best laid plans can go off track, how you recover determines your comeback. #giafit #nextlevel #cjselite #uncletspices #ifbbproleague #wpdpro #giabeast #busybodywest #athlete #grindtime #fitmom #ucfmom #fitstagram #Bodybuilder #grindandrefine

Frontline Boys are hitting the local gyms in South Florida! First stop: Busy Body West in Boca Raton! We will be there tonight so stop by and say hi and try some products! @teamproteinsandbarbells

🚨 DEMO ALERT🚨 Myself and some of the other @redcon1_frontline boys will be at Busy Body West tonight live sampling some products so come say what’s up! @redcon1 @teamproteinsandbarbells #redcon1 #redcon1frontline

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Por exemplo esse método BI SET.
BI SET são dois exercícios executados até a falha ou próximo da falha sem nenhum descanso entre eles.
No próprio BI SET eu manipulei a cadência e suas transições.
No agachamento eu fui próximo da falha, mas no leg press 45 eu fui até a falha concêntrica momentânea de verdade.
Não repararam?
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Observação: No vídeo só mostra um pouco dessa série.

I've been through this pain many times before ... I'll be prepared come fight night because of the lessons wrestling has taught me and by trusting the plan put together in practice ... It will all be left in the ring and ,I WILL BE VICTORIOUS #M80 #TEAMSHORTFUSE #ATT #GRYND

No days off @dezm80 . Throwing heat ☄️☄️👊👊🥊🥊 with Desmond Moore. Preparing for the Sugar House Casino May 11th. #phillyhookschool #youllneverseeitcoming

Sunday funday. Working on some weak spots today. Tush, shoulders and some biceps. And cardio, yeah cardio 💦

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