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North Park Blocks


@kimjongsmokehouse.pdx turn 1. Thanks @fukamipdx for the great meal 🍱🍣 @bjsmithpdx @hanzirra @timmy1866 & P' Joii ❤️🙌🏻🙏🏻


Our thoughts are with everyone being affected right now by the #EagleCreekFire. It breaks our heart to see the #ColumbiaGorge and #MultnomahFalls going through this. Multnomah County said they appreciate everyone's good intentions, but they "don't have a need for or a system in place to receive help from individual citizens." The men and women risking their lives to control this fire deserve all our love and respect. Stay safe out there, everyone. #PlzRain

Corgi butts!!!!!!!!!! We had a blast at this year's annual Corgi Walk. Tap up on our story to see more cute fluffy dudes. #corgiwalkpdx2017 #downtownpdx

Well, looks like the costume contest happened earlier than planned. Sorry no live video, but here's adorable Lulu in her rose outfit 😍🐶 Please keep sharing your pics and video with #corgiwalk! #corgiseverywhere

We're at the Portland Trans March slinging candy! #transpride #portlandpride #witchpdx

Last night before we got to the venue and found out NFG was sold out. Before we went to the strip club instead. Before @staycold503 and I got good smelling boobs in our faces. Before I had too many limey lemony kamikazes. Before I allegedly put a dollar in a strippers buttcrack (they don't love that) Before I somehow got home and got in bed. And now here I am. And I am never drinking again😂 Send naps and anti nausea medication.

Cultural Blends. x @TRILLBLAZIN 🌹
Our iconic 1977 hat now has a T-shirt friend, and dad cap, for you, your little brother, your mom, maybe your grandpa, and definitely your dad.


Negative space. #minimal

Sometimes, when you're a naturally worried, anxious and fearful person, you simply need to get a permanent-ink reminder to seek peace and tranquility with your thoughts each day. Anxiety is life-sucking and seeps into my daily routine and relationships. It's time to break curses that have been spoken over you, and walk in what the Creator of the universe has said you are. He says I am whole and He says I am free, like wild poppies that flourish in the field, He is going to grow and renew.

DeSoto & Plymouth

Bocce in the Park! Best wedding gift ever @aehnyc25

Courtyard corners

"Good god, just hook it into my veins!"

Studying to become a #malemodel. #starwars #stormtrooper


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