Regal Cinemas Winter Park Village 20 & RPX


2 more days until our Premiere of Ambitious Adventures. It's crazy to see @gregrollett and I posted at the theater. I guess we made it ? #emmy #stars #ambitiousadventures

This year by far has been the most adventurous and I'm thankful for everything that has happened because I have matured and grew a lot this year, but thanks for everyone who affected me POSITIVELY this year, I would tag you all but I don't feel like it. But looking forward to 2017, only greater things to come! ⏱⛹🏾 #striveforgreatness

She's still trying to figure out how I won! 😂 #checkmate #pobrecita #hangingoutconlanovia

Black always, all ways !

Tonight me & @isaiah_negron got to watch an early premier of the new #HillsongMovie "Let Hope Rise.." I'm ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that this movie is going to change lives. Seeing some of my heroes on the big screen was pretty amazing. And the producer even flew from LA and asked us our opinions after the movie. SO encouraged, SO faith-filled, & SO ready to go make a difference.

Mr. Grey will see you now......😍 Who can't wait to see #50ShadesDarker this weekend?!? @marissanclark sure can't! #AllAccessCrew #50Shades #orlando

About to watch #drstrange with my hot fiancé @tinamarie_nslpro ..opening night! Thanks for the Dr. Strange Box @originalfunko @collectorcorps

Had a great day off with the lady. Love days like this. Definitely need to do this more. ❤❤

Why him? With him 😊🤗❤😘Great Movie 😊❤


Mis babys Batman lego movie 👫

My kind of music....taking it easy ....heading home after the movies

Had fun that day 😍❤️

Valentine's Day is about spending time with people who you love and that love you back, I did just that 😊. Usually people only have 1 valentine. I was blessed enough to have 3! Papi Grey round 2 with my Latina mamis❤❤ #valentinesday #valentines #mrgrey #fiftyshades #allmysingleladies #galentinesday

Thanks for making the lamest holiday enjoyable 💕

Spending time with the best person ever on a special day🎟5️⃣0️⃣▫️◻️⬜️⬛️◾️▪️

Happy Valentine's Love Birds ✨✨✨ #MovieNight #IAmAQueen #BlackMadonna #BlackandBeautuful #BlackGodess

movies, sweats and besties. this is how you properly celebrate a tuesday😉 #50shadesdarker #werehereforthelaughs