Regal Cinemas Winter Park Village 20 & RPX


WONDER WOMAN WAS AMAZING @valariemodel #wonderwoman

Alien: Covenant second viewing. I actually really enjoyed this one. #aliencovenant #predrinkritual

eeh 🙄

This year by far has been the most adventurous and I'm thankful for everything that has happened because I have matured and grew a lot this year, but thanks for everyone who affected me POSITIVELY this year, I would tag you all but I don't feel like it. But looking forward to 2017, only greater things to come! ⏱⛹🏾 #striveforgreatness

🌊wavyy brudda with the pizza shirt🍕

I got to see one of my favorite sci-fi films in theater last week and it was 🆒🆒🆒

Tonight me & @isaiah_negron got to watch an early premier of the new #HillsongMovie "Let Hope Rise.." I'm ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that this movie is going to change lives. Seeing some of my heroes on the big screen was pretty amazing. And the producer even flew from LA and asked us our opinions after the movie. SO encouraged, SO faith-filled, & SO ready to go make a difference.

Sweet like candy


I can get used to these reclining seats! 🍿 #DateDay f a #Datenight 💑

Loving the new reserved reclining seats at Regal Cinemas!

Matinee with this guy! ❤ 11 years ago today we became #partnersforlife❤️ 🍾🥂❤

Diego and Kayleigh have been waiting for this one.....I am looking forward to Javier Bardem's performance

Who wants to take me??

Ok so tonight's move was Wonder Woman!!! First off thank you @wbpictures for the pass!!! Now to what matters to all of you wanting to see this.. (no spoilers) @dccomics FINALLY got one right!! I will happily call this a MUST SEE MOVIE!! Great performances from @gal_gadot and @thechrispineofficial !! So will end this with you must go see this!! @wonderwomanfilm #wwfanscreenings #freemovies #dccomics #wonderwoman

WONDER WOMAN WAS AMAZING @valariemodel #wonderwoman

I pray to God I didn't just drive in an hour of traffic to be told "we are full". #screenings #movies #wonderwoman #preshowing #imhungry #longline #phew

Waiting in line for the prescreening of #wonderwoman ⭐️ #face

Why would you want to see a movie in a non-reclining theater... if you have a reclining theater available? #relaxing for the first time this month... #filmstudent #filmschool #college #collegestudent #collegelife #sundayfunday #guardiansofthegalaxy #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2 #iamgroot

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