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Always a tough sparring session with this beast! Once you puke, you know training camp has officially started! My teammate @merab.dvalishvili fights Nov 18 for ROC and I'll be up right after on Dec 9.

Life changing moment. Whether you want to learn self defense or just laugh your ass off (or both) come to #SerraBJJ in Long Island and learn some arm locks!!

TEXAS (Houston/Sugar Land)-Get your notebooks ready, I will be teaching a seminar at Texas 3rd Coast MMA on Saturday the 26th at 11AM. Thanks Khang and @classicchevysugarland for making this happen. @kimerakoffee (Promo code: WOLVERINE) #subonly #BJJ #Leglockynow #3rdCoastMMA #newazaredoctober

Where you at, @mattserrabjj?!

Serra BJJ Academies are happy to announce our 2017 ONE DAY ONLY MEMBERSHIP SALE will be Friday February 24! For anyone who has never enjoyed the benefits of training at our two world class facilities, we are offering a one time only discount of 50% off our Full Adult 12 month membership, if paid for in full, on the sale date.
This unbelievable 50% discount is for new students only but we will also offer a 20% discount to our current & former members! This is a one day only sale (Friday February 24TH from 9AM-9PM) and is only for our Full Adult 12 month Memberships paid for in full.
We have limited spots available for this year and you are able to reserve your spot immediately by calling either academy and speaking with one of our program directors now! So whether you are a first timer looking to get started, a former member trying to get back on the mat or a currently enrolled student who wants to get rid of those monthly payments, everyone can take advantage of this sale day to become a part of Team Serra at a discounted price!
Serra BJJ Academies memberships offer you unlimited access to both of our schools with over 50 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, 15 Muay Thai Kickboxing classes and several Fitness classes a week with a dedicated team of instructors all led by former UFC & Jiu Jitsu World Champion Matt Serra! For more information and to reserve your spot call Huntington at 631-385-2312 or Levittown at 516-520-2052 today!

Party getting started!!! John Danaher leg lock seminar!!! #serrabjj #leglocks #jiujitsu

Sunday morning leglock seminar with @ottaviabourdain. #BREAKiT #subonly #bjj #leglockynow 👣🔒

Had the privilege of training with John Danaher! He is a real life scientist! #Jiujitsu

Happy as a fat kid in a twinkie store! 4th Stripe!! #family #bjj #jiujitsu #love #iwantTwinkiesNow


Great night! @ #serrabjj

Great night of classes tonight at @serrabjjacademy || These white belts are getting technical, my honor to be able to teach the future of the gym || #SerraBJJ #bjj #jiujitsu

Father and daughters #jiujitsu ! #serrabjj @serrabjjacademy

Very humbled and surprised to receive my 2nd stripe on my blue belt. I want to thank my instructors and training partners. I am nothing without you. #bjj #jiujitsu #bluebelt #training #serrabjj #tryingtosuckalittleless #humble

My Wednesday night was better than yours. #serrabjj #bjj #jiujitsu #training #tryingtosuckalittleless

Unfortunately, I can't enjoy the beach due to my #multiplesclerosis but I think #serrabjj is the perfect thing for me during the heat anyways. #Bjj saves lives - living proof right hurr #jiujitsu #thecure #ms #beatms

Having a great time in NY

It's almost 6 months to the day!! Today I received my 3rd stripe on my belt. Brazilian jiu-jitsu... that's all I have say. Thank you to all my instructors Matt,Mike,Big Tony,Dan,& Rich and all of my classmates!!!!

Training with my sons on the Serra mats=PRICELESS! @Sonny_Quags @a_quack_attack_

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