Those late work nights paid off...the 2018 REAL Potential Work Readiness Training was a SUCCESS! It was 5 days and 4 nights of developing 150 students to be productive members of the workforce. Like the Black Panther (our theme), our youth displayed resiliency, intellectual curiosity, bravery, and positivity. They had several challenges, but faced them head on and came out shining in the end! This year’s WRT was truly AMAZING and I’m proud that I was able to be a part of it! ♥️ #REALWRT18 #My3rdWRT #BestWRTYet #EXHAUSTED #TheyAreWorthIt #StillInBed

Tb to block szn cuz I miss my girl Karen♥️

Come check our item of the week! This weeks item is our mascot notepads and they’re 40% off! Happy Bid Day! #fma #fmaosu #itemoftheweek #mascotnotepad #bidday #happybidday

How could anyone let #GREED take over there life, we as humans want money, power, and respect but sometimes #GREED takes over and when it takes over, the devil causes you to steal, lie, and deceive to get what you want. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy so when you allow the devil to set #GREED in your heart, the devil ultimately comes and steal everything you worked for, from material things to your reputation. So be wise make a honest living and never let #GREED take over.

Bring your friends for out for our session tonight and learn about the wonderful things going on here with this club 😁😁

Katie Clelland, a fourth year Chemical Engineering student, followed her passion for clean energy and renewable resources while searching for a research opportunity on campus. She found a spot working with Dr. Fan!
Learn more about Katie’s research and how it relates to our In the Spotlight topic, climate change, on the blog! Link in profile!

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Confession to make on this marvelous Monday: I reallyyyy like running outside where people can see me. I was pondering that this morning as I sprinted past sleep-deprived students walking to class on the oval + I think I found the reason behind wanting to be watched. I was born to be a performer. My entire life before college, I was either acting, singing, or dancing [mainly dancing]. Since I no longer have that thrill-inducing performer outlet, running outside where people can watch even for .5 seconds seems to be doing the job relatively decently...I’m not sure why I’m sharing this, but I recently finished an incredible book about the power of vulnerability, so I guess I just wanted to be vulnerable with you guys today. Thanks for listening, lovelies! 😁💕 #osuchaarg #chaarg #performer

So I was supposed to get a photo taken this morning so I was doing everything in my power to limit sweating during my workout bc I usually sweat a lot and my hair gets all funky and I wasn’t gonna have time to wash it before the picture but now the picture taker is sick so no picture ugh 🙃

Decided to keep the new bicep/tricep workout I tried out a few days ago and I think I love it 😃 •

Swipe to see workout jams of the day IF YOU LIKE FOB AND HAVEN’T LISTENED TO M A N I A YET STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND DO IT NOW!!!! #fitfam #fitness #biceps #triceps #underarmor #nike #blenderbottle #fob #falloutboy #mania #girlswholift

lookin back on a dope weekend, cheering on my fav water Buckeyes with everyone’s fav Buckeye.

You don't give assignments syllabus week! 😧😢 #campuskapten #bekapten

Just having some fun with a camera 📷 @maverickordonez

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