I finally got to eat at #KyotoPH, an inconspicuous restaurant owned by no. 1,650 of the world’s billionaires ranking 10th in the Philippines, PGA rockstar, Mr. Robert Coyuito. Tonight’s #Kaiseki started off with Shiro Ebi or miniature sweet & succulent pieces of shrimp from Toyama, Japan followed by a beautiful serving of hairy crab from Hokkaido, then the biggest, most plump oyster I have had in my life, especially imported from Nagasaka. Soup with grilled unagi was served in a tea cup then a serving of toro from Nagasaki & tai sashimi from Akashi. It was my first time to try the interesting sazae from Fukuoka served in its shell, which Kyo-to was successfully able to make it edible enough to consume. For my main, I had one of the best wagyu I’ve had in a while, imported from Kagoshima—so good I can forget about my elevated cholesterol 😂 And the best gindara I’ve had from Hokkaido. Dessert was Kyo-to Pudding, which tasted like flan meets taho. Overall, an exquisite dinner from start to finish! It makes me miss Japan more. The only downsides were the portion size (+ the staggering price—but then again, everything was sourced from Japan) & Dra. Vicky Belo & company’s boisterous chitchat cutting through the thin wall 😂

Thank you for the wonderful dinner Lola @tessobenreyes So nice seeing you all. @ckyap99 @tiffsiy @santi_martel Belated Happy Birthday!

Kyo-to offers high-end Japanese cuisine in the Philippines. Visit for more Japanese restaurants to visit! 🍣

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