Milk Box


#Westminister| Matcha Milk Tea w/ Sea Salt Cream

My camera focused on what I really wanted.
#tropicane #sugarcane #eatwithhop

At the old location of Milk Box in Westminster. It’s so nice, & they remodeled everything making it tropical & it makes me feels like I’m in a tropical place. 🌴 I love the drink & the orange cream (best to not mix the drink) tasted so good! It’s natural sugar because of the sugarcane. Literally so refreshing in this warm day. 💖 Definitely coming back to try their other drinks & shaved ice. #Lover #strawberry #lemonade #sugarcane #refreshing #sugar #summer #tropical #strawberrysalt #driedstrawberries #orangecream #cream #sogood #love #flower #refreshingdrink #Tropicane

The night is so much matcha better when you have a cup of matcha with you.

My back hurts 😔

The most memorable thing about this, 🥛📦, is he said that’s such a weird name😂

Contributions Will Help Out Families Still Recovering From The Disaster In Puerto Rico! Buy A Drink And You Decide How Much You Want To Donate For Your Second Drink! 🇵🇷

I know it’s not a car picture, but here’s why: I can fix things, I can modify things, and replace things on my MR2, but I can never replace these special people in my heart. Thank you for everything.

i normally don’t like expressing my feelings and what not, but i really love this team 💕 ily all and i wish the best for everyone ☺️

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