Red Rocks Open Space


"I love this life. I will admit I am happiest when I am in places like this. This past year, hiking has become such a passion of mine, and I crave getting out on the trails. I am so fortunate we live in an area that has endless opportunities to get lost and enjoy the surroundings. Palmer Trail/Section 16. Six miles total with a 1500 ft elevation gain in the first 2.5 miles. Intense, but so beautiful. Can’t wait to do this one again."
Thanks for the inspiration to kickstart the weekend @thislifewithbrittany! .
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7 months 🐾

It’s pretty f*cking awesome that places like this are only a few minutes minutes away✌🏼💙

There is magic all around each of you if I do say so myself 🌞

Did it again

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