First lift since having bronchitis earlier this week, and boy, did it feel good!
Today I focused on legs and going through the “squat” range of motion without actually doing Barbell Squats.
I love, love, love working my lower body for my riding. And while a lot of people think that riders need to have strong legs to “grip” their horse, that’s not exactly true.
You see, as a rider, I need to have contact with the barrel of my horse. Meaning I want to feel everything from my seat down, have full control of my legs to the front and back, stay soft, and stay connected to my upper body and trunk. .

It’s not just gripping, it’s a constant feel of my horse without tensing up. In horses, when you tense up and lock up muscles, that’s generally when you get tossed because you can’t “flow” with your horse when you ride.
I really notice this when I ride my mare versus my gelding. Whoopie, my mare, needs much more contact from my legs in order to have a successful ride. She needs that contact but if I lock up she’ll for sure toss me when she makes a quick movement.
So when I train in the gym, I train the full range of motion, vary between strength, hypertrophy and endurance rep ranges, and try not to do the same exact thing.
This was today’s workout:
Set of 15, 10, 10, 10, 15 Lunges (sets of 15 at body weight, sets of 10 with 45 Barbell)
5x5 TRX Pistol Squat with Ankle Mobility between sets
100 reps Leg Press
5x10 Hyperextensions
It doesn’t need to be complex. But adding variation can sure benefit your riding!!

Man, after being sick last week into early this week, I am so excited for energy and feeling myself again. Sickness really sure makes you appreciate health!!! Ready to knock out some intense workouts now that my energy is back! #flexfriday

Worked out worth this beauty today!! 🎶 REUNITED, and it feels so gooodddd!! 🎶 we killed leg and booty today and ended it with a 25 minute stair stepper crusher! Had us sweat‘n our booties off!! #24hourfitness #gluteworkout #bootyworkout #🍑 #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymsharkleggings

Happiness is some warm guns.

Still thick... 🤔 oh well 🤗
Back at it! #thick #gym #dontstop #wontstop

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis #patriot #thinblueline #bluelivesmatter #backtheblue #america

Happy Monday!! I’ve been sickkkkkkkk with a cold all weekend. Yuck!!!! It’s summer and I have a cold. Blah!! 🤒
So miserable. I did listen to my body and take some unplanned rest. And for my workouts while feeling less than myself, I’ve had to super scale back my intensity to accommodate my fatigue. Basically, light easy cardio (walking), super light weight and high reps, and short duration workouts. I’m so ready to feel 100% myself again!
I still managed to get a nice delt pump yesterday, even with a super easy intensity workout. And I caught my hubby appreciations his gains too. 🙂 #mondaymotivation

Even on days you don’t feel like showing up, show up and do your best for that day. Your best today might be at 70% of your best tomorrow. But the important thing to do is to show up no matter what. .
Since I’ve moved I’ve struggled with finding my routine again. With excuses as to why I can’t ride that day to why I don’t want to lift or eat right. It’s maddening because that’s not who I am at my core. .
I’ve struggled so I understand why you struggle too when it comes to establishing these big daunting goals.
I want nothing more than to compete on my mare Whoopie at a high level. She’s a smart, talented little thing and I know I’m a handy enough rider to make something for us.
So what’s stopping us? I don’t know. I can visualize the dreams I have but the daily tasks get lost in life’s crazy pace. But that’s what separates the average from the extraordinary. The extraordinary are able to pick apart what’s important and what can wait. They relentlessly pursue that one goal and stop at nothing until it’s achieved. .
And I guess that’s where I get lost. Just like everyone else the whirlwind of life makes my Big Ass Goal get a little fuzzy until it’s not what I’m focused on anymore.
Now I’m not going to make some declaration about how that stops today and I’ll be 100% refocused now because I think that’s a lot of bull when people do that (when I do that). Declarations don’t make change, actions do. Small daily actions aimed at your Big Ass Go make change.
I’ve recognized where I got lost. Have you? Have you recognized why your path isn’t taking you to your Big Ass Goal? And if you have, are you making a change? Or are you letting it all slip away?

Don’t be afraid to be strong. .
Don’t fear “bulky”.
Lift heavy weights. Train hard. And you’ll earn the results.
I know lifting heavy can be intimidating, but I promise you, you will thank me. .
Lifting weights will do your body wonders. Adding resistance training will help you grow more muscle mass, maintain a leaner body mass, and make your muscles denser. .
When I think of this from the perspective of a rider I think of a few things;
1. More muscle means I’ll be stronger. So if I’m stronger I can carry hay bales easier, saddle my horses without dropping my heavy saddles on their backs, and handle cranky warmbloods at work. .
2. If I have more muscle I’ll have a leaner body mass which means I’ll be carrying less body fat. This means I can be a better athlete in the saddle because I can move more effectively and precisely. And for aesthetic purposes I’ll also feel more confident in my own skin which translates to my confidence around horses.
3. Denser muscles will help protect my body. When working with horses it’s not a matter of if we get hurt, but when. So if I can externally protect my skeletal system and internal organs with dense musculature then I will. It will also help keep my joints stable.
As for me, I want to be riding well into my 90s, so I’m going to do be doing everything I can in order to make that happen. And if being a badass in the gym is part of that, well than that works for me!!

Arm day

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