Disney's Downtown Disney District


id choose you over a pink python & gold metal boy Chanel handbag 💕 #happiestplaceonearth

the way she looks at me is priceless
cuff: @danielwellington dc: "sabs0ul"

so you a pest analysis or swot analysis kinda girl? 🔹

happy 23rd birthday blakey !!! So glad I got to see you while I was in out there. love & miss you. wish I was there to celebrate !!!!!

Downtown with my mains...I promise I'm not mad. Wearing @andi_bagus top. #restingbitchface

I'm a couple weeks late on this, but 5 years ago, we came together for @itsjammin proposal to @vaaaals. Didn't realize at the time that it would go as viral as it did. #13milli

It's the little things 😍



Behind my beauties back be like @silviacouture @hitchhoneyker

Such a nice hot day 😊🔥

Just chillin in #DowntownDisney after playing in the park for a few hours. Find me tomorrow and I'll buy you ice cream! #Disneyland #Adventure

Ending the night with a bang 🎆 Happy Birthday handsome! Hope you had an awesome birthday 🎂 @boohoogreene @ladyducks15

happy valentine's day❤ #disney #downtowndisney #valentine #missingbraeden

Yeeeehaaaaaw y'all I'm artist of the month!! 👸

I love my new friend cause she's awesome😃

Love this gal!!

I FOUND FLAVORED CHURROS!!!! @alextaite my trip is complete. I can go home now. #Disneyland #downtownDisney #churro #goodfood #foodporn #nomnom #thisiswhyimfat #fatandhappy

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