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Ace Hotel Portland


Portland // Chill time in the gorgeous lobby of @acehotel. Loving Portland and it's only day one here. 🌿


Just saw this on your insta @kazzakim β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»Love this picture. I literally couldn't bend over to pick Otis up my dress was so tight @thomasalf

dear Portland, thank you for being so good to me!! I set up shop this weekend & met the most incredible people ❀️ I love my brand @babyboybakerykids & getting to chat in person about what I do & why is my most favorite. can't thank you all enough ... I also want to give a giant hug to my step-dad Seth & @jesihaackdesign for helping me with my booth via FaceTime just hours before the pop-up shop opened 😰it's a scary thing to think up wild ideas in your head & then execute them on your own. I could never do it solo & I hope the people who helped me know how immensely grateful I am. I look at this photo & think WE DID IT!! #slumberkinssoiree #bbbkids #smallbusiness

Professional musician promotional flash photography @abandcalledtrove

#rain #portland

Last weekend two of my favorite boss babes came to visit from LA. @funwithkate is a power house in the restaurant industry and a Zagat honoree. @hotelechojuliet is an Emmy nominated costume designer (The Feud). Both are always hustling and creating and having them come up to Portland for a few days to visit my lil family filled me with so much love❣

Two years ago we did a road trip , just the two of us with a pocket full of gas money without a worry in the world. Went all the way down to Malibu and and made it back up to Canada through Montana. Living to make memories #throwback

今ζ—₯はAce Hotelγ‚‰γΈγ‚“γΈγ€‚ζ΅θ‘Œγ£γ¦γ‹γ‚‰ιšεˆ†γ¨η΅Œγ£γ¦γ€ζ—₯ζœ¬γ§γ‚‚ηœŸδΌΌγŸγ‚·γƒ§γƒƒγƒ—γŒγ„γ£γ±γ„γ‚γ‚‹γ›γ„γ‹γ€ζ„Ÿε‹•γ—γͺγ‹γ£γŸγͺー。

#acehotel #portland

A 3 very nice 😁


She bout it

Hot Damn! You know you're off to a good start when your Portland hotel has your favorite White Salmon IPA in the mini bar!
#pdx #countryboy #traveloregon #sustainabletourism

In the stairwell of our hotel #portland #acehotel

β€’ hello portland β€’
#acehotel #portland #pdx

A 3 very nice 😁

Professional musician promotional flash photography @abandcalledtrove

β›“chain gangβ›“

Just landed in Portland πŸ›¬πŸ›

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