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Delton Veterinary Clinic


My name is Magnus and I came to the Delton Veterinary Hospital to have my first comprehensive exam. I had lots of fun getting tons of love from the staff! Did you know that they have a puppy program for little pups like me to make sure that you get all the information you need about your new puppy? Book your appointment online at deltonvet.com or by giving us a call 780-475-9225. #deltonvet #puppies #puppiesofinstagram

My little nephew Griffin came to see me at work today! 😍 We learned that vet clinics are places where there is lots of cookies to eat and stethescopes to chew on! Little champ didn't even cry for his needle. ❤️ #deltonvet #vettech #puppiesofinstagram #goldenretriever #dogauntie

Xenia had a de-gloving injury on her paw resulting in a costly surgical procedure to get her fixed up. Lucky for Xenia her owner was able to get the procedure pre-approved through her Pet Health Insurance plan. It is because of cases like these that we strongly advocate for Pet Health Insurance! If you would like more information on insurance give us a call! Today Xenia had her sutures removed and her paw is looking better than ever! #deltonvet #petinsurance #dogsofinstagram

Sometimes you just need to curl up and snuggle with your nurse after surgery 💕 #deltonvet #vettech #dogsofinstagram

Semi-Annual visits are fun for the whole family! Here's Bailey, Layla and Bobby waiting patiently for their feline siblings to be done their exams. #deltonvet #vetclinic #dogstagram

This is why I do what I do, the happy tears from clients as they hug you and thank you for saving their family member. ❤️ #vettech #deltonvet

This grouch just made a waiting room full of people laugh with his grouchy shame face. #gingercat #instacats #ouch

"My name is Bella and I am new to the Delton Veterinary Hospital. I enjoyed coming in today and getting lots of love during my annual comprehensive physical exam. The staff said that I am really cute and that I am a very good girl! I am now up to date on my vaccines for disease prevention and now mom can take me to the dog park worry free!" #deltonvet #vetclinic #dogstagram #yegpets

My poor baby George had to have surgery today to try and fix his fractured leg. Now the recovery process begins.... Thanks to all my amazing coworkers for your support today. ❤️ #vettech #deltonvet #orthopedicsurgery #bunniesofinstagram


Thought she looked nice and confident. #pretty #yeg #sneaky #spygames #nativepride #onthebus

Another trip to the vet. Free coffee for me; another needle for Daisy. C'mon improved test results!

#chewie vet id picture. freaked out #wookiee

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