Steve's Korean BBQ


The best time to eat in Berkeley is when the semester is over and all of the kids are gone.

High school cutting ground!🇰🇷

☀️So bibimbap translates to mix-up-rice. Um no don't tell me what to do. 🌤 #doubletap #tobreaktheyolk

Post-ride meal w/ @pnoyrasta #StevesKoreanBBQ

Beef Hot Stone Pot at @Koreancuisine
#food #dinner #enjoy #foodpics #foodporn #foodie Love food and love life😋

Extra spicy Korean BBQ chicken with Rice, kimchee, and bean sprout salad from Steve's Korean BBQ.

A rare delicacy


For as long as I can remember, I have always preferred the 3 lil' spanks method of shaking up my Snapple® It's the same muscles 💪🏻 used as when I used to prepare a pack of Parlie's. Knee jerk automatic, you guys. Also check out Steve's Korean BBQ in #berkeley they have @snapple

make it spicy

Barbecue chicken

My Dope!

Latino Korean Food, ah the diversity of Berkeley, front of the house, the cook, busser, all Latino.

One of my favorite sights #kbbq #kalbi

Lil baby Bea #beatricekathleen

At home, I'd never want to go out to Korean restaurants since my mom always made korean food... but here, korean food is the new comfort food!! 😋 They gave such good portions, Kevin and I stuffed ourselves!! I'm actually so excited for this week because it's only 4 days long & on thursday I'll get to meet STEVEN LIM one of my fav people on buzzfeed ahhh I'm so excited #health#food#fitness#korean#fitfood#instafit#college

The combo is delicious

Lunch specials

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