🍲🍱🍣 Gracias por la cena mi amor 💕 @josecontreras7721
Cena Korean 👨‍👩‍👧 #comidakoreana

Our favorite place to grab Korean short ribs when in a rush! Not all you can eat but just as tasty, big portions and you get your food quick! 😛

Steve’s BBQ still the joint.

In the kitchen wrist twistin’ like it’s Stir Frey

When at Cal 😋

Trying to keep up with my Ultra Heavyweight bro. He’s a BEAST, 👀 out 🌍. Missing out @tanner_the_ginger_rice #bros #koreanfood #family #cal #beastmode #gobears #bjj #bjjfood #jiujitsulifestyle #ctrlsquad #ricebrosbjj #soulfighters #ucberkeley #oss

"Who let me get this far at Cal" Documentary pt. 2 #1350/2400
S/o the boys over at ΑΤΩ inc. for holdin it down with me the past 2.5 years and letting me be the token Ling Ling 🙏🏻👲🏻 and another s/o to my freshman year roommate who ate all my ramen bowls that my parents brought up for me on their visit to Berkz ❤️

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