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Gene's Liquor


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The best place in San Francisco to get a fifth of Hennessy and a pastrami sandwich all at the same time

When I'm sad in the City I remind myself of times when I was eager to explore and get to know San Francisco. Tonight I revisited Gene's Liquor & Deli, a place I used to come to a lot when I lived in the Sunset. I'm never let down by the killer sandwiches and great conversation - visit Gene's y'all. 💕🏡🍴 #sanfrancisco #genesliquor

Never get sick of aimlessly walking around this city! 🐾

Hamik Appreciation Post, the hero of Taraval 🚃

The best liquor store in the Sunset. Don't @ me.

Beautiful day got me like....

Not only does Gene's Liquor have a loyal following because of the sandwiches made by current owner Hamik Minas, it also has a compelling history. "Eugene Williams, owner of the first store in the Parkside, was an early member of the Parkside District Improvement Club [formed in 1908] and offered the second floor of his building at 2201 Taraval Street as a meeting place. Called “Williams Hall” or “Parkside Hall,” the space provided an open auditorium with attached gymnasium and hosted community dances, costume parties, classes, and talent shows in addition to monthly PDIC meetings. Agenda items included issues of local concern and speakers on larger subjects, such as Women’s Suffrage.” – from "San Francisco’s Parkside District: 1905 - 1957 A historical context statement" by Richard Brandi and Woody LaBounty of the Western Neighborhoods Project/ @westernneighborhoods, Produced for the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development March 2008, can be found on sfplanning.org.  #bsidesunsets #the100dayproject #sunsetdistrict #sfhistory #liquorstores 30/100


Small Businesses of Taraval - formerlyprint.com #sanfrancisco #nightphotography #sunsetdistrict #parksidedistrict #taraval

Never get sick of aimlessly walking around this city! 🐾

Hamik Appreciation Post, the hero of Taraval 🚃

Stopped by an old favorite, #GenesLiquor over on Taraval in #SanFrancisco. Got the #GenesAtomicSub for #TodaysLunch. I've been enjoying toasted subs lately due to the cold.

Food crawl w an oldie but a goodie #hs4ever

best sandwiches in town...

Gene's atomic sub. Only the best in the sunset! #foodporn #foodgasm

Got my money out for the train already like a true tourist lol

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