Dight's Falls


Sun is shining and I'm feeling fine β˜€β˜€ happy Monday people 😘

'Happiness' video coming very soon. Shot by the master of winter @roxiehalley with @filmbyalice πŸŒ¬οΈβ„οΈ We finally have feeling in our limbs again.

lost but still happy :-)

Sunshine takes away the hangover. πŸ€’

Day 3 - #AFLWAcademy girls this morning on a recovery walk at Dight Falls πŸ˜„ what a beautiful morning to be outdoors β˜€οΈ #AFLWomens #AFLWOutdoors

Lovely Dight Falls which dates back to 1800s when John Dight built a weir to regulate water for his flour mill. I used to cycle along the Merri Creek trail to come here and last week, took a walk - I had forgotten how beautiful this area is. #20sketches20days #watercolor #melbourne

Man-made but still a beautiful place to visit when you need to clear your mind


Cycling along the Yarra @isobelcrichton

#WYMTM @cyclingtips morning roll with a few #grognards

Seems to be a hazardous day in my activities. Today's jog route... Watch your step (Spot the #lizard wizard) #streetart #melbourne

First long run. 11 to go.

Out on a 12k bike ride. Happy summer solstice!

A little CX and MTB action around Yarra trails for a Saturday morning Xmas ride with @walton_e @rockitbarber #cycling #bike #bikes #cx #mtb #outdoors #health #fitness #lifestyle #rockit #rockitbarber

The Yarra providing some much needed zen this morning.

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