East River State Park


I found a mini beach in Brooklyn. Clouds and rain all over Manhattan. #NYC #Brooklyn #EastRiver #Manhattan #CloudyDay

Feeling heavy after saying goodbye to this amazing city (and of course the amazing people living in it) yesterday. It was an incredible eight months. ❤🗽💔 #tooshort

Believe it or not, I was crying on the inside at this moment #10daysleft

✨Saturday was a fairytale! Couldn't be more ecstatic for these two!! 💍🎩🥂🍾👰🏼Celebrated till we basically couldn't talk by the end of the night 😂🌃 can't wait to keep the celebration going! ITS HAPPENING!! 💕 #engaged #fairytail

Creds to my bestie @mattleogordon for taking this and for spending a wonderful weekend with me in Brooklyn. 💞

it was all a dream #HOME

About yesterday's sunset

My today's workplace. Beautiful view, good weather and self made brownie. What may be better? #eastriverpark #williamsburg

Me falling down on some rocks and Nadia trying to stabilize me: a series


Hipsterland, Brooklyn

San Fran to Chi town to New York. Hell of a week, glad you could make it homie.

Pretty awesome view from across the East River in BK. #brooklyn #mytinyatlas #eastriverpark #nyc #newyork #empirestate

A weird little donut on the east river 👌

SciFiManhattan #Williamsburg #NewYork

A thick band of rain

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