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the atmosphere in london was inspirational today as everyone came together in solidarity and defiance #london

When you finally make it to a 9am lecture on time!
#bushhouse #london #uni #teampixel

This photo sums up uni, I don't know who half of these people are.

kill. me. now.

It Doesn't Matter How Slow You Go As Long As You Keep Going..

day at uni📍

A da(is)y in the 90s 🕓💕 ft. @calvinklein


A new scar🖐

Sitting room


As they carved it in stone, 'Bvsh House'

Bush House is a Grade II listed building between Aldwych and the Strand in Central London at the southern end of Kingsway, which now serves as part of the Strand Campus of King's College London. [I know, you'd think Bank or Law firm or anything other than student education facility in the heart of the world's prime real estate🤑] It is the former headquarters of BBC World Service radio. The BBC World Service broadcast from Bush House for 70 years, from Winter 1941 to Summer 2012. The final BBC broadcast from Bush House was the 12pm BST English bulletin on 12 July 2012. The BBC World Service is now housed in Broadcasting House in Portland Place

Naxariistii janno Allaha siiyo, qabrigana Eebbe ha u nuuriyee. Axmed Xasan Cawke wuxuu ahaa weriye dadku yar iyo weyn jecelyihiin oo bulsho ah. Sawirkan waa isaga oo dhex fadhiya xafiiska dhismihii hore ee aan ku shaqeyn jirnay ee BBC Bush House.

BBC Bush house. BBC world service broadcasted there from 1941-2012.
The sculpture depicts the Prometheus with his torch.

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