Godzilla Mountain


Mood pic because the @lakesidesummerleague starts this week! 💦🏀 @dloading


Happy Tuesday Wake Yo Cute Young Godzilla Looking Ass Up. This How You Smiled On Your Elementary School Pictures. #Aintitmane #LIVELIVELIVE #CoolPeopleParty

Godzilla is bad enough, but now he has a light saber...tsh l

Ya es Viernes sabroso🤤
Excelente fin de semana a todos!
Piwa @edwin_photography
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Godzilla al asecho👀
Fregona rodada de nuestros hermanos de @roadkings.official.cdmx
Fotografía @edwin_photography
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My mans here, Yoshi, was known as a big bully on campus. He would always bully a kid name Luigi (Second photo) everyday to the point to tears and one day Luigi had enough, one day Yoshi was acting weird on the bus on the way home, flailing his arms around and mumbling random gibberish. This went on for 5 minutes and ended when he passed out on the floor. (The third photo is a picture of him mid attack) He was then sent to the hospital and the doctors found out he was poisoned with a small dose of Ketamine, a common date rape drug and later realized that the only thing Yoshi drank that day was his milk during lunch and the only person near him was Luigi. Police confronted Luigi at his home and confessed on drugging Yoshi's drink and is being held in a holding cell and is expected to spend 3 years in prison for attempt murder of a minor. Yoshi happily survived and is a healthy teen but has lost feeling in the right side of his face (The fourth picture) but that doesn't stop him. He is still filled with energy and happiness and spends time with his closest friends and his favorite teacher, Mr.Taylor, and is shown playing Tic-Tac-Toe in the last photo. #Heart4Yoshi #RealStoryBTW #LuigiABitch #KillThatBoy #DateRape #MrTaylorJordans #Mosquitus

Damn @prettypapes, @grimeyxkai, and @ryotvisuals really killed this new video for Godzilla! Cool!

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