Rite Aid


Some really good bargains at rite-aid right now.

Some people see slippers. I see an assault weapon. #cubana

Peguei tudo q eu precisava pra hoje! :) #snapchat

Gettin' a little wild before I go back to school


Rite Aid, Los Angeles. Seal ADA and stripe. Handled. #TeamCONCEPT #conceptpaving #LosAngeles #RiteAid


I lowkey wanna buy this for my girl just so I can have some #40dollarsworthofchocolate

Spontaneous audition for my next film. #OldZombieGuysRule #He& #39;sGettingACallBack

Screw you, Rite-Aid. It's October. #christmas

Damn, Angeline's new corvette is being held up with packing tape. 😳


Thanks to my glam assistant/ wound equipment advisor Denise for keeping me LOL and distracted from reality of being a one-armed injured shopper in a foreign pharmacy. Scotty, we're not in Surrey now...I now have to work out how to dress wound with one hand- or recruit a less squeamish 2nd assistant (Denise went very pale when I tried to show her my 14 stitches).

Peguei tudo q eu precisava pra hoje! :) #snapchat

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