Love At First Sight! Pet Adoption Center


Upside down video of Jack Russel / Lab puppies at Love at First Sight!!!

Today marks 4 years since I brought Murphy home for the first time. While he didn't really have a say in the adoption process, and tried to run away a couple of times, I'm forever grateful that we found each other.

This little guy is coming home with me tomorrow πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜


don't go to the animal shelter unless you're full & willing to get one of these pups. talk about a heart melt.

pup luv 🐢

Our fifth roommate! 🍯#Honeybunnybooboobear

No better way to celebrate #nationalpuppyday than watching the video @ainsleyannette sent me the day we found Beau - I beelined it there after getting this #tbt

Died and gone to heaven it's fine


Brian's got a new pup! Lab mix number 3....christian name TBD

Dextor (now named Trouble) found a home at Acklen! Follow @lafspetadoption to stay up to date with their new pups and kittens .
πŸ“·: @lafspetadoption .
#acklenpups #nashvillepaw #acklendogday #nashvillepets #nashvilleapartments

How to cure rainy day blues? Pet puppies! (Not bringing any home @dhobbs615 don't worry... well maybe)

It truly was love at first sight #rymanpup and your Marley-like spirit has had our hearts ever since. ❀️🐢 #threenager #dogmoms

Introducing our squishy little booger, Dean Marie McPoopypants, a lab/blue heeler/chihuahua pup. πŸΆπŸ’€ But first, naptime. #katyandkanaarenowpuppymoms #poopy #katyismeltingfromcutenessoverload

WHO DOESN'T LOVE PUPPIES 🐢 but in all seriousness, today @vacationashlee and I spent five hours driving to all the animal shelters within an hour radius of Nashville and we came across Love At First Sight, a shoddy ass "adoption center" which I'm pretty sure is the holy Mecca of puppy mill puppies. From their cropped tails to the letdown of not letting me bring a dog outside to use the restroom, to not allowing volunteers to walk the dogs, to telling me the older caged dogs in a 2x2 foot area are "rarely let out, if ever (they use the restroom inside their cages)", this place is as shitty as it gets. Even a kill shelter felt friendlier than this place. With such a heavy heart I'm feeling so bad for these puppies and the people that "adopt" the animals here. They're cute, but I bet where they came from is not. #adoptdontshop

pup luv 🐢

Welp. New family portrait!

It's puppy love ❀️

Welcome to the Fields Fam, Quincy ❀️

No better way to celebrate #nationalpuppyday than watching the video @ainsleyannette sent me the day we found Beau - I beelined it there after getting this #tbt

The cutest, CUDDLIEST cats I've ever played with are currently at Love At First Sight!! If anyone in the Nashville area is looking for a family-friendly, cuddly, SUPER loving kitten (or two) please go adopt them! 😻😻😻

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