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Borderland State Park


Volume ⬆️ for commentary from Beth #hallie&;munch

It’s been a while since we took Ollie to the park but the weather was so amazing that we couldn’t miss it and he loved it! There is hope. Spring is just around the corner 😜

Got out for a round of #discgolf today and joined my first ever tag league at #borderlandstatepark finished 24th but ended up with 22 b/c some people left early. Tags are like pink slips in drag racing. If I beat someone with a lower number we switch or if I lose to someone with a higher I lose my lower tag.

Forever and for always, as long as I’m living I will love you💘 #wcw #wce #massachusetts #borderlandstatepark

No one I’d rather get lost with 🍂🌲🌼

Naturally occurring love. Get it? It’s a heart. #heart #moss #nature

Reflection can be done anywhere, but nature provides the best. ...
#nature #reflection #life

“when will my reflection show who I am inside?” -mulan


Getting back to my outdoor 5K 🏃🏾🏃🏾 #Blessed #ThankFul #Run

Me and zeph taking advantage of this nice weather ☀️️

Between two ferns (?)

I appreciate this chick right hurr #internationalwomensday

First tournament of the season was a doubles tournament. Stoked about this legend ghost I got in the players pack!
#LegacyDiscs #TeamLegacy #TeamShaka

Yesterday was so cold, but at least the view was nice #innova #mvpdiscsports #prodigydisc #discgolf

Fun( freezing) hike today.

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