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Need some weekend motivation? Look no further! What motivates you to get to the gym during the weekend?

Box it out today, #SNAPNATION! 🥊 Repost: @tyla_patonxox

Snap Fitness is much more than just a gym, it's a community that brings people together and creates lifelong friendships. Repost: @snapfitnessnortharlington

At 73 years young, Blake has started taking better care of his health and started working out at Snap Fitness. After working with a trainer he's lost 10 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and feels amazing! It's never too late! 🎥 Repost: @aimeesinclair99

Gym anxiety can plague us at any given time. The sense of feeling intimated or uncomfortable around people who may run faster or lift heavier can be debilitating. Check out these quick tips to deal with gym anxiety and make it a thing of the past! Link in bio.

Going lighter today, concentrating on form. I tend to lean forward with the heavier weight. Squats - 55# x 5 x 3, 60# x 15 x 1. #fitness #over60fit #strongwomen #ageisjustanumber #over60fitness #workout #personaltrainer #snapfitness #powerlifting #snapnation

When the grind starts to pay off, it makes it all worth it. #progress #bodypositive #fitness #health #motivation #gym #california

What is your favorite arm workout, #SNAPNATION? 🎥 Repost: @snapfitnesscrawley

Raise the bar. 📸 Repost: @snapmaplegrovesouth

Pendlay Rows- 65lb x 12, 70lb x 12, 75lb x 12,

This T-bar row -30lb x 10 x 3, was part of a super set (DB reverse fly, T-bar row & band pull-a-parts.) #fitness #powerlifting #lifting #over60fit

Working on #deadlifts. 135lb x 7, 145lb x 8, 150lb x 4 (removed risers last set.) #lifting #fitness #over60fit #powerlifting #over60fitness #personaltrainer #snapfitness #snapnation

We LOVE seeing all of the #ShareYourFit success stories that have been submitted so far. Meet Steve, who trained at Snap Fitness Canby, OR in order to complete the Seattle Firefighter Stairclimb at 59 years old. Go vote for Steve and your other favorite stories! Link in bio.

Congratulations to everyone that has participated in our Commit to Your Fit Challenge! We are thrilled that so many people have joined our challenges with MyZone! A special shout out to our top 3 of the latest challenge: Tammy, JerryVin, and Kena! Your hard work shows!
We would like to reward our top 10 members from the leader boards of the challenge with a prize! (See staff for details) Also, we will be giving a FREE MONTH to a randomly chosen leader board member!
And our Winner is.... Ken Labad!!!
Congratulations Ken, and keep up the great effort to reach your goals!

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