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素敵。 #和洋折衷


Window at the Tamozawa Imperial Villa in Nikko. The villa, which with its 106 rooms is one of the largest remaining wooden buildings in Japan, was built in 1899, using parts of a residence that originally stood in Tokyo where it served as the residence of the Tokugawa family, and temporarily as the Imperial Palace. In Nikko, it was enlarged into a summer residence for the Imperial Family. #japanesearchitecture #meiji #nikko #tamozawaimperialvilla #日光#日光田母沢御用邸記念公園

I recently returned from Japan. Having the opportunity to travel across the world and also see when my roots are was incredible. So you'll be able to expect many posts. I'll be adding as much info as I can, since it's not all about the picture but sometimes more about the story.

Una ventana hacia la historia de Japón. .
#japan #nikko #travel

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