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The Royal Institution Venue


@frieze_magazine Deputy Editor @amy_sherlock in conversation with artists Pablo Bronstein and Glenn Brown, both of whom have restored 17th-century properties, providing an artist’s perspective on the intersection between Art and Architecture for today’s @friezeacademy conference #pablobronstein #glennbrown #artandarchitecture #conference Link in bio to our Frieze Video, in which Pablo Bronstein discusses the restoration of his house in Kent

At the Royal institution tonight for the How To Academy event 'Afghanistan: Now, Next, Why?' With former president Hamid Karzai, Former US ambassador to Afghanistan Zal Khalilzad and Sunday Times chief foreign correspondent Christina Lamb

On Friday I had the great pleasure to give a short talk in the Royal Institution of Great Britain about the engagement device I built - to inspire young children and get them interested in science. A huge thanks to prof Kate Jones, a world-leading biodiversity researcher, for inviting me. Such an amazing and humbling experience to be in the Faraday Theatre where scientists, politicians and artists have come to share their ideas for over 200 years.

#Repost @friezeacademy
The #FriezeArtandArchitecture Conference, listed as 'one of the best talks not to be missed in London' by the @evening.standard, is about to begin. Speakers will include @david.chipperfield, #ThomasHeatherwick, #PabloBronstein, #GlennBrown, @johann.koenig, @axelvervoordt, Charles Renfro from @diller_scofidio_renfro, @amandalevete from @amandalevetearchitects and @adjaye_visual_sketchbook from @adjayeassociates

Was a great privilege to judge @comicrelief's The Big Debate today with young people, which was inspired by Debate Mate and in partnership with the @gatesfoundation. The young kids involved were amazing & blew me away! I also got to meet the richest man in the world himself, BILL GATES. Windows Movie Maker was the first program I started to edit videos on all those years ago when I was 14/15 which is the same age as the kids involved in the debate today. Fast forward to 2017 and I'm now standing next to the visionary who started Microsoft (& developed the software amongst many other great things he's doing with the foundation etc). It just goes to show that for all the kids involved in the debate today & also people of all ages across the world, don't stop being persistent & chase your ambitions. #SelfBelief #BigDebate

I am happy to announce I have been appointed US Ambassador to #debatemate (INSANE) and today was the #bigdebate It's an organization that equips underprivileged children with the tools of rhetoric, research, and debate. Today the kids got a very special visit from some guy name Bill Gates, apparently he's a big deal. These kids are bright. In a world with so many reasons to be outraged, today gave me a little bit of hope. Special thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

At the #DivaRules book signing a couple days ago in London with 2 of my favorite people...@michellevisage & myself!! 😜

Nullius in Verba.

Met these chaps from #wales @riversimplemovement yesterday and their new zero emissions #hydrogen #supercar. I might try to acquire one for a run about #carporn #london


Quite right...

#eleksux @ British Royal Institute

"Designing for our next billion users" focussing on Emerging Markets by UX designer Rachel Ilan from Google .
#generateconf #tech #design #digital #conference #startup #london #nyc #ui #ux #digitalstudio #google

Did a wee bit of filming at The Royal Institution for @yourlifeteam in the name of Science! Tried to play this game on a quick break, Ollie had to tap the elements as they we're sung. #there #are #too #many #elements #sort #it #out #science

@lesleyeccles great talk on challenges of growth for disruptive companies #hubshowcase

New Atrium Cafe burger!! #burger #atriumcafe #mayfair

The Atrium Café is now open for business! Come by and try our new snazzy coffee and snacks from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday #coffee #barista #mayfair

Women of the Year Lecture.....amazing women being amazing #sanditoksvig #suemacgregor #damestephanieshirley

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