This, however, got me. Alvaro Barrington has underlined passages in Audre Lorde’s Poetry Is Not a Luxury. “As we come more into touch with our own ancient, non-European consciousness of living as a situation to be experienced and interacted with, we learn more and more to cherish our feelings, and to respect those hidden sources of power from where true knowledge and, therefore, lasting action comes.” HALO 🙏🏻 @thaddaeusropac #alvarobarrington #atasteofchocolate #audrelorde

I have always loved Joseph Beuys, and seeing his iconic (and I use that word deliberately) Felt Suit from 1970 @thaddaeusropac genuinely moved me. But, the overwhelming masculinity of his work really struck me today: the iron, the lead, the bronze, the felt. The greys, the browns, the dull, hardness of it all (even the felt felt tough). Perhaps it was the juxtaposition with the the Alvaro Barrington works downstairs (more of that in the next post), or the Rose Wylie paintings down the road @davidzwirner , or my virus infested body, but I just. Wasn’t. Feeling. It. #josephbeuys #conceptualart #hardedge #feltsuit #notfeltit #sorryjoseph

The studio practice and process of painting of Alvaro Barrington at Thaddeus Ropac in London 💥💥 @alvarobarrington @thaddaeusropac

Getting the tube here £4.90.
Getting the gallery worker to break the rules of “no photos” a promise of dinner.
Getting to see my brother @alvarobarrington’s work in both the @momaps1 and in London at The @thaddaeusropac, Priceless... #amazing
#lmbc #anthonycumberbatchjr #london #Alvarobarrington #showing #proudofyou #thaddaeusropac #gallery #mayfairlondon #bigthings #keepdreaming #keepcreating #creativelife #thearts

Alvaro Barrington - A Taste of Chocolate @thaddaeusropac #london #alvarobarrington

Kunst = Kapital (1983) // Kusnst ist wenn man trotzdem lacht (1979) #JosephBeuys @thaddaeusropac

Visit Alvaro #Barrington's exhibition 'A Taste of Chocolate' in the London Gallery, running till 16 June 2018.
Using materials including textiles, painting, mixed media, drawing, photography and print, his intimate compositions focus on single subjects in close-up: flowers, vegetation, facial expressions and body parts. Recurring motifs such as the hibiscus, the national flower of Jamaica that can be found ‘all over the Caribbean’ or phallic symbols, are often inspired by the works of others, highlighting the importance of dialogue in Barrington’s work.
@alvarobarrington ‘s use of #burlap to make painting canvas, instead of the traditional cotton, stems from his observation of cacao production in Barbados, where beans are packed in burlap bags as part of the #chocolate making process. This innovative use of material is one of the inspirations behind the exhibition's title.

beuys#josephbeuys#installation#thepack#thaddaeusropac#sculpture#london#dusseldorfacadamy#fluxus#leaderofthepack#normanrosehthal SOUND is ON JOSEPH BEUYS: UTOPIA AT THE STAG MONUMENTS
Curated by Norman Rosenthal

The most important UK exhibition of Beuys’ work in over a decade
Reuniting most of the original elements of Beuys’ seminal Stag Monuments for the first time since its creation In a world that is now more than ever searching for new solutions for basic social and economic problems, a sense of new ways forward might be found in the ideas of societal rebirth that arise from the Stag Monuments. Norman Rosenthal

#JosephBeuys show work by #AlvaroBarrington 🖤 What an outstandingly beautiful and spacious gallery as well! #thaddaeusropac

Loved these postcards smartly but primitively destroyed with color matching thread. Genius and effortless symbolism #AlvaroBarrington at #JosephBeuys show

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