Ukiah, California


Also Happy Birthday to the (ex) fat man himself! @konviktmlv 🎂

This quote means more to me than it says. Glad to have it on me from now on. #JR

I'm doing this for me, not for you. ☠️ This isn't about looks, or strength or anything like that, it's about health, mental and physical well being. Everyone does shit for their own reasons, and people are so quick to judge or say this or that and I've never understood why.
First they'll ask why I'm doing this, but someday they'll ask how I did this. 💯 #Blessed #Growth

Fun Fact: Arthur is an Ardvark.

Backyard bbs//grateful that @trusty_dusty is working so close to home he can pop in on his lunch to hang (and take photos of us) 💕👧🏼🌲👩🏼 #momjeans #edieisbae #ourlittleweirdhouse #sunshine #gooutside

Shirt says it all 💪🏼👯 #thechelseas

Fall feeling mornings call for Fall Tasting Shake-o recipes! Spiced Pear with power greens this morning! Now off for some time with my boys! Have an amazing day everyone! Thanks @jaxfashion for the cute outfit! #healiestmealoftheday #shakeology #joinme #beachbodycoach


It's our favorite time of year: tomato harvest time!


You already know we out here working😎! We arnt coming short this year to playoffs!!

My first attempt at working with wood. #blackwalnut #redoak #handmadelongboard

That's my boy.

The redwoods in California are crazy big. No picture does them justice #the #only #thing #thats #not #bigger #in #texas

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