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Cliff House


Even through bad days .. I will always know that you're with me .. GOD !! Thanks for one more day .. #godisgreat #jesusismyrock #sanfrancisco #seacliffbeach #iphonegraphy

Wave after wave 🌅 #sanfrancisco #oceanbeach

September marks my 30th orbit, so I bought a better spaceship. 🌊🍻Last year, @berglar and celebrated 29 with a surf lesson. I adored it. So I spent the past year apprenticing myself to waves and tides and learning to stand on things falling down waterfalls. I felt a little guilty: surfing can be such a look-at-me activity used to sell watches and beer. And the world does not need another surfer. But the truth is, surfing is a reminder that the natural world does not care about your joy- nature only offers the chance to find a balance with its chaos. And that is the root of the most endearing wonder. I have surfed in Ghana, and Hawaii, and Rhode Island, and California and each time I came out of the water calmer and more grateful. The world looks more interesting from waves, and it requires all of my brain to not get hurt. There is truth in water and even sucking at surfing is a chance to explore the world's patterns. So yeah, I'm celebrating another year with a beautiful new @torqsurfboards. To all my friends and all the oceans, thanks for putting up with me.



Life is beautiful.

Chef just Saved my life. I have a glass splinter in my finger. He said I would have been dead in 3 months. 😦😳😱


No one will know how truly special this night was except us. ❤️

We've gotten so good at pretending we're mature adults! Thanks for making me laugh like an insane person always 🙃🙃

House with a view #cliffhouse #sf

High above the California Coast. @cliffhousesf #alwayssf

A little Ocean Beach stroll this morning. The weather is gorgeous today! ☀️

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