Oh hey, New York. Today’s sunshine is so lovely, I went back out for a walk after my run. I couldn’t resist. #summerrunning #summerinthecity #somanybridgessolittletime

Ni en sabana se hace ese trafical 🤭😩

We take tunnels in NYC for granted these days, but prior to the 20th century, only one tunnel existed; a small tube built in 1892 by the East River Gas Company to supply gas to Manhattan, which is still in use today. (Photo by @velardophotography) #secretsoftheeastriver #eastriver #nychistory #nycphotographer #harlemphotographer #tunnelsandbridges #nyc #cruise #sailing #freedomtower #southstreetseaport #tallship #wallstreet #skyline #skyscraper

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“I turn Dreams into reality, and reality into Dreams.” This Taiwanese-American Princess from New Jersey loves to overwork herself on startups and various projects. More than anything she loves to be surrounded by people (and animals and food). Described as an “infinite soul,” she’ll listen to any and all problems, and loves to connect people and communities. When she’s done procrastinating, she’ll release her EP for her atmospheric doom death metal band, or her electro pop album.


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