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Dine at Nami @shangrilasg with a view while indulging in our latest Dashi-inspired executive set lunch.
Chef Akiba using three of his Dashi , the Niban Dashi , Ago Dashi and the Ichiban Dashi to curate the all new set lunch menu !! At $35++ per set, NAMI is set to impress.
Available from Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 2.30pm.

Spent the morning learning about #dashi, the 'broth of life' in Japanese cuisine, from NAMI's Head Chef Shigeo Akiba. You can too at their Dashi appreciation class, followed by a 4-course lunch ($118 a person, every last Sat of month).
Pictured is the Odamaki-mushi from the 7-course Dashi Dinner ($180). Prepared with 3 different dashi, the substantial chawanmushi of udon, crab meat, mushrooms is smothered in a flavoursome, umami-packed thick sauce. #namisg
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We had an interesting time at @NamiRestaurantAndBar in @ShangrilaSG learning about the art of dashi and also had the newly launched Dashi Menu for dinner.
This is the meat dish for our 8-course Dashi Menu, the delicious Miyazaki Beef and Eggplant with Kuzu (starch) Sauce! The dishes we tried are all quite sublime in its own dashi-stic way, and we left feeling that fine nuances are the most beautiful.

The highlight of my recent meal at Nami Japanese restaurant has to be my newfound appreciation and understanding of how premium quality dashi, also known as the “broth of life” breathes more depth and flavour into every dish.
Head Chef Shigeo Akiba demonstrated the vital role it plays in Japanese cuisine in the best way possible - by letting us taste it for ourselves through his beautifully prepared, refined creations. Please swipe to see all the courses that make up his special Dashi Menu ($180++). They’re arranged in order of my personal preference starting with the one I enjoyed the most.
1. Hokkaido corn rice with miso soup and pickles: I was blown away by the super sweet corn kernels and the fragrant, fluffy steamed-in-dashi, buttered grains. A second helping wouldn’t have gone amiss.
2. Miyazaki beef loin with eggplant: Shabu-ed lightly in niban dashi or “second brew”, the meat literally felt like they melted in my mouth. The sauce poured over that and the excellent eggplant (it’s first flash-deepfried before being boiled also in niban dashi) was composed from the same source as well.
3. Ichiban dashi-based soup with Hamaguri clam, chicken meat ball, eggplant, shimeiji mushrooms and carrot: I really liked how the light broth was chockfull of goodness.
4. Trio of appetisers: Yam tofu and uni on bonito soup jelly, shrimp with boiled hosta grass and the baby squid in gochujang cream sauce. The last was my favourite of the lot.
5. Sashimi of flounder and tuna: White Ponzu, shiro shoyu, mirin, and niban dashi dressed the former while the latter was flavoured by a niban dashi with katsuoboshi, shoyu, mirin and bonita stock. Both were delightful.
6. Odamaki-mushi: A chawanmushi designed to be substantial with udon noodles, crab meat, shiitake mushrooms, Mitsuba leaves and topped with a thick sauce. Dashi was used in all the key elements making up this dish.
7. Fruit jelly with Plum vinegar jelly sauce: The mix of sweetness from the melon, strawberry, orange, blueberry and plum with the savoury niban dashi jelly proved unique and enjoyable.
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Father’s Day is just round the corner! Join us for exclusive Father’s Day Meals!
Chef Akiba of NAMI has curated a menu specially for Fathers to celebrate this day! Featuring our Japanese Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef Sirloin and Ayu Matcha Tempura!
Find out more about our dining options at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore this Father’s Day, and reserve a table now!

❤️Dashi‼️Sukiyaki style💕
At Nami @shangrilasg !

Sashimi in modern style.
Nami @shangrilasg !

Peacefully enjoyed dashi tasting❣️

Learning about the intricacies of dashi and how it’s used and layered in Japanese dishes with chef and dashi master Shigeo Akiba at @namirestaurantandbar. Totally new appreciation for what goes into Nami’s next-level Japanese cuisine!
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My new year’s resolution is to make 2018 the year of firsts, and for better or worse, I haven’t broken that yet! So, in the spirit of that, we are having a s e c o n d birthday celebration for the bestie! (#bestfriendgoals anyone? 😂) This time she’s not allowed to work, and we went to one of her all time fav spots for a slow relaxing lunch of delectable authentic Japanese fare! Edit: I swear the last photo was hella sharp when I uploaded it uskdlajshal
[ Mine: Japanese Saga Wagyu Beef Sirloin + Urchin + Chef Akiba’s Special Sauce + Seasonal Truffle (I dislike truffle, but goodness me, I didn’t expect these ingredients to complement each other in such harmony!) ] ✨ [ Hers: Kaisen Don Set Lunch w/ Yuzu Sorbet ] ✨ [ To share: Deconstructed California Roll w/o Avocado ] + Special thanks to @shangrilasg ‘s NAMI Restaurant’s Mei for helping me coordinate the cake (for both lactose intolerant us) + advice on the impending summit related checks! It really helped give us a piece of mind so that we could celebrate freely!
(P/s: NAMI is also available for online booking at @chopesg ! I added my special request through that too, and the restaurant contacted me directly after, which was perfect since the lazy me loves stuff that’s hassle free!) #yourculinaryaffair

I think most of us don’t realise the importance of dashi in Japanese cuisine. To be honest, before yesterday‘s “Dashi Appreciation Class”, I only had a notion of it being a clear and rather bland tasting liquid that shows up in a few Japanese dishes. Well, I have never been so wrong.
With the help of lovely Rei as interpreter, a chart that doubled as placemat and several glasses of dashi, Head Chef Shigeo Akiba of NAMI enlightened us how it is the backbone of Japanese cooking.
Just like in a wine appreciation class, we got to taste a wide spectrum starting from the most basic “Ichiban dashi”, also known as the “first brew” to an assortment of “Niban dashi” or “second brew” where the flavour profiles varied according to the type of dried fish used.
I found that even within the two main categories of dashi, the difference was stark. The premium quality tasted much more flavourful, complex and round than those brewed with basic tier ingredients. Hence, when a dish uses a better dashi, it has a head start as the foundation is already impressive. We got to try the evidence for ourselves in the multi-course meal that followed after class ended.
If you’re keen to acquire new knowledge in a practical and enjoyable way, you can contact NAMI to book a seat at their next session. Typically held on the last Saturday of each month, it costs $118++ per person for the class plus a 4-course meal that follows, showcasing the “Broth of Life”. There is also an 8-course dashi-centric dinner for $180++ for those who just want to eat.
Thank you @gastrosense @shangrilasg for having me.
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Had the most delightful lunch at Nami @shangrilasg thank you @monica.alsagoff for the catchup!
InstaPeeps, the set lunch is yummy! Go try this!

A successful sake dinner at Nami on 4 June
Nami x Nanbu Bijin

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