Caesars Palace


So the new trailer foe Uncle Drew dropped today and to see my son who is playing little me in the beginning I couldn't even watch the rest of it without tearing up... I can't believe it between Brittni being this amazing gymnast someday and Judah becoming this really good actor and Harlem you're uo next and I can't wait to see what that is makes me so happy... This is beautiful sorry for the long speech but I'm just so happy my kids make me happy!!!! I work hard so I can help their dreams come... #UncleDrewMovie #LittleHowerys #JudahMan #Surreal #Excited #June29th

People let’s get your credit score see people on here showing off your money but let’s check your credit score because it’s not about how much money you have if you don’t have any credit

Workin hard already!!🤪

Posing with #Deadpool 😆 about to go in for #20thcenturyfox presentation at #Cinemacon

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