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Your MCM would rather want you to send nudes other than showing you love & attention. Jus sayin 🤘🏾🖤⛓

• Luna~ 💀
-20ans, bi et celib.
-dépressive, froide par moment, s'ouvre aux autres seulement si elle a confiance.
-chiante, et adore embêter les gens.
-toujours la pour écouter les autres, elle est compréhensive.
-elle est honnête, et est sincère même si sa peut faire mal que tu le veuille ou non. Si elle t'aime pas elle finira par te le dire.
-Elle s'énerve facilement et peut être violente.
-ne touche pas à ceux qu'elle aime, sinon elle va te mettre sur sa liste noir, et elle va te haïr du plus profond de son âme.
-sous ses airs dure, elle est fragile et très gentille au fond. Il faut juste savoir percer sa carapace.
-ah ouais, et elle adore les animaux, surtout les rongeurs.
-comme j'ai quasiment pas d'amis, tu peux venir id si tu veux.

When my friend says they’re 15 minutes away, then 45 minutes later....

Sometimes we get in our own way!!

👹Schönheit kommt von innen? Bei mir eher von außen. Du hast noch Nicht in meinen Kopf gesehen... 💭#OnMyHead 📿#alternative #AlternativeGirl #BlackAndWhite #Piercings #Pierced #Inked #BlackHair #Tunnel #Septum #Headphones #Lederjacke #BikerJacked #LeatherJacket #jockerKette #TattooJocker

Los humanos son cuadros monótonos cambiantes. Llenos de prejuicios, llenos de odio. Ellos son los verdaderos monstruos.

FrAnchemEnt mon "montage" est pas mAl xD ((J'ai juste filmé , fait pause , changer de lunettes puis re-filmer et la musique c'est caler sans que je le remarque xD)) #newsunglasses #NEWFACE #selfie #happytuesday

My imaginary friends are hanging out without me

[never had enough courage to tell you how I really felt] •#mood #deepthoughts #toolate•

the twinkling lights on the skyline
looking at the ripple of the water as the wind brushes against it
trusting the stability of the railing with my life as my body gravitates towards the lights
the whirring of cars pass and the rustling of the leaves fill the air with every gust
life still goes on

I wrote these words and took this picture on March 14th, 2018. That night I was alone on a balcony looking over at an unfamiliar city with no sense of direction as to how I was going to move forward. Nothing has ever been more cliché yet more real to me. The thoughts were going through my head in a million different directions with Bon Iver’s Skinny Love playing simultaneously to my tears falling down 24 stories onto the sidewalk of the city. The sidewalk was a path thousands have traveled across, all with different stories and different destinations. I thought about everything I was seeing. The lights on top of buildings, put in place to warn planes to fly high. The water, supporting the weight of the boats to float seamlessly over its wave. The cars, controlled by the people who want to get places fast. I thought about where they were going and what was the most important thing to them in this moment. Will this matter to them in a week? A month? A year? I thought about the people, wandering the streets and in the windows of the hotel across from me. The people Driving cars and boats and planes. Under me and above me. Behind me and in front. Different ages, careers, stories. I remember every thought that crossed my mind that night and that is because these thoughts were important to me. They changed my perspective. Life is one crazy ride but keep your mind open, share your thoughts, and THINK. Thinking leads to inspiring. 💧🦕💭🏙

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