Parker Ridge Trail


Mom and dad took me on a mission to find snow. I'm happy to report we were successful

Might need to surprise Matt with a frame of this one for his office. Shhh... 🤫 don’t tell.

Speak up

Be brave and take risks. If you disagree with what’s being said speak up!! Step up

Opportunities are rarely handed to you on a plate. You have to reach out and seize it. Take risks and advocate for yourself. When you get your hands on what you’re passionate about dive in and take charge.
Show up

Show your true grit. Demonstrate tenacity prove it to yourself over and over. Push back against those who deny you what you need.
Stand up

If you don’t ask you don’t get. How will you ever reach your goals if you quietly preform only what your handed? Ask for more.
Even a small step in a new direction is moving forward. #hikingadventures #hiking #motivation #standup #speakout #inspiration #athabascaglacier #strongwomen #womenwhohike #womenempowerment #wwhike #wwhikemember #veiwsfordays #nofilterneeded #inspireyourself

“Wowow” - me every five seconds ⛰

Hiked up Parker Ridge to see the Saskatchewan Glacier - totally worth it for the view.

Kind of exposed


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