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Group hug or @grouplove ?


It was the only way I thought you would accept my offer.

You and your young son were in front of me in line at Chipotle. Truthfully, I was hungry, staring at the menu, I hadn't noticed you.

But then there was a moment that captured my attention. Your son looked up at you and extended his arms in the adorable request for a hug. Without hesitation, you lifted him into your arms, embraced him and kissed him.

He nuzzled his cheek into yours, eyes closed, smiling. It was so beautiful. I was taken.

My heart beat with memories of my childhood; my single mom and the many ways she made certain I felt loved.

I felt compelled to tell you how beautiful and inspiring the two of you were. I wanted to tell you that you were filling my heart with joy simply by being there... for each other... with such love.

But no. Our culture has taught us that kindness comes with a cost. You would have surely thought I was hitting on you. You would at the very least, feel uncomfortable. So, I held my tongue. It was torture.

Then, an opportunity and a flash of inspiration... wrapped in a lie. I took it.

As you reached for your purse to pay, I handed the cashier my money and said: "That's together with mine." You turned and looked at me.

That's when I lied to you.

I said: "Someone did me a kindness today and asked me to pay it forward. I'd like to pay for your meal." The young woman wrapping up my burrito exploded into an enormous smile as she watched us.

Still in a state of surprise, you quietly said: "Thank you. That's very sweet." I said: "You're welcome." Then I finished paying.

As you left the cashier ahead of me, you turned back and said: "Thank you again, it's really sweet. I'll pay it forward too." I said: "Please do." and we went our separate ways.

I'm sorry I lied. It was the only way I thought you would accept my offer. I needed you to know and FEEL that it wasn't about me trying to get something from you.

What mattered most to me in that moment was kindness. Not credit, or my ego.

I saw a mom loving her son and I just wanted to celebrate that... and you... and him... and that's all.


When they both support your eating habits ! πŸ‘… tofu salad plate ! ✊🏽

I drew a dog with his taco lunch #bryanmon

People watching with @kevinfleeman by #ctnroadshow. One of the street performers was very upset that somebody took his usual spot. #CTN #streetperformer #peoplesketching

Chipotle Fridays with the boyfriend πŸ˜„ x

straw microphone. a vine production.

Beautiful day.... Beautiful burrito, but aggravated that i want to sit outside and 2 people have tried to ask me for money already, ughhhh just wanna enjoy my damn food! #burbank #sofritas #chipotle #nom

Love the green sauce! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ”₯


NURSES get a buy one get one free all day today, enjoy #dinnerfor2

Group hug or @grouplove ?

When they both support your eating habits ! πŸ‘… tofu salad plate ! ✊🏽

Chipotle has given everyone their guacamole recipe. If it weren't for their chorizo, I wouldn't need to come back!

Woohoo!! We're at it again with another tasty FUNdraiser! Join us at @chipotlemexicangrill in downtown #Burbank this Saturday from 12-4pm for some delicious food... show them this flyer and a whole 50% of your check goes to St. Ambrose Irish Dance Association!! πŸ’œβ˜˜πŸŒ― β€’
#teamcleary #clearyirishdance #irishdancelosangeles #FUNdraiser #chipotle #chipotleburbank #downtownburbank

straw microphone. a vine production.

Chipotle après ça go au Ben & Jerry!!! 😍

Hey locals! Just a reminder that if you go to Chipotle (on Palm. Near the movie theater) tonight between 5-9 pm, show them this flyer on your phone! OCP gets 50% of proceeds from any order that shows this. Our little preschool would be so grateful β€οΈπŸ’œ I will be there around 5 pm with the boys (barring Bastian's cough gets better) We'd love to see some familiar faces!


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