Santa Cruz Harbor


I choose to only put positivity in my life from now on. I blessed to have such an amazing life with great friends and family. count your blessings because you never know what's gonna come next, when's your last day. live your life to the fullest, be kind, smile. adventure, seek opportunities. live your life full of love and positivity. cut out all of the negative shit 💙

Celebrating all women today, even this tiny woman on the days she turns 2 months old 💃🏻💕🤙🏼

🚨⛽️The big 21! Happy Birthday to my big bruh! ⛽️🚨

A picture of two people and their lighthouse (HVD SEJ)

uh oh... I'm in trouble...
#smarthome #smartwife #notsosmarthubby


This is what happens when you ask Joe B to take a picture! When will I learn?


Walton leaves the light on for you: Day 26 19:40 #waltonlighthouse

Toddler-free gaming. Also this table is amazing.

Babymoon sunset games

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