Chen Yang Li Restaurant


@heislerphoto is one of 7 photographers on #nytassignment in New Hampshire, where presidential candidates spent the final hours before tomorrow’s primary election racing across the state. The @berniesanders campaign, which @heislerphoto has been documenting for @nytimes, is determined not to be knocked off what it considers a winning message about waging a political revolution against a rigged economy. @heislerphoto took this photo between events today at Chen Yang Li, a restaurant in Bow, New Hampshire.

I regret nothing.

Icing my hand 😉#catbite


Happy birthday boys, very weird that most of my buds have the same birthday, happy 15th @sferg21 @jakedanpick @mark_hoyt @jtoler01 @sup603 make it a good one boys

Look what I found right around the corner🍹


Cutest dates

That one time on Christmas Night in a basement of a Chinese restaurant #mrandmrssullii #nightout #happyhour #cutecouples

Look what I found right around the corner🍹

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Just hanging with my girls. #sisters

I regret nothing.

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The Chen is open for the game!! Come down and watch it !!! ❤️💙🏈