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One bogus TRO against my client down. One bona fide TRO to protect my client tomorrow. #winnerwinnerchickenbreakfast

Very rare event today that I had to evict a tenant for my client. My client bought a Condo a few months ago and since he bought it his tenant never paid him rent. I offered her $2000 to leave rather than evicting her. Today was the court date, she showed up and pleaded her case. “Judge I have paid rent, every month in cash.” Judge says “Do you have receipts?” Tenant says “Yes, I do.” She pulled out a piece of paper and forged a signature on them saying that was her receipt. Long story short... she now has 30 days to vacate and zero compensation.
Funny thing is as I was walking out she told me... “It never had to get to this point.” I said, “OFF-COURSE NOT, I offered you $2k to leave and now instead of you getting it my attorney gets it.” #YourRealtor

In the criminal justice system, not giving bellyrubs is considered especially heinous. In Santa Monica, California, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Beagles Unit. These are their stories. DUM-DUM! 🐶 #bowiethebeagle #beagle #grumpybeaglesunited

WOW! What is this?

I can’t believe this

On our walk this morning, Bowie was hopping and running through some tall wet grass in front of the Santa Monica Courthouse. An older gentleman stopped and said, “That dog has a lot of swag! Reminds me of Barry Sanders!” 🐶🏈 #bowiethebeagle #beagle #grumpybeaglesunited

Little ThrowBack Clip 😈💯 #skateboarding#shakejunt#deathwishskateboards

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