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06/18/15 20 year old jnuggs gets back from her first week at her internship and responds to a #yikyak post offering a ticket to the sold-out The Strokes show at Hyde Park. Having scoured Facebook at work all week, I am juust desperate enough to meet a faceless, what I’m sure is dweeby hipster kid in a part of London I’ve never been to do the deed.

I stumble out of London Bridge station during rush hour and swim upstream 30 minutes late to the Shard, where, I kid you not, the hottest PwC consultant is waiting outside. Flabbergasted and underdressed, I pull my ziploc full of notes out of my spandex — not kidding — as when I arrived the week prior, I had gotten my purse, ID, cards, and nikon stolen at a pub. With a chuckle, he waves my hand away and sends me on my way with not one, but two tickets. I am obviously too mortified to text this dude ever again.

So guys, all of this is to ask - Is he The One Who Got Away? Should I text him when I come through next month? Does he have kids now? Can he give me a job???

Festival #11: British Summer Time, London, England. Whilst I cannot describe how amazing it was to see The Lumineers, Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty, British Summer Time left a lot to be desired. Read about my day at ☀️ 🇬🇧

Seriously slacking on the number of gigs I've seen this year compared to last!
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Throwing it back to cocktails at Havana, British Summer Time 2017. One month to go before we are back in Hyde Park! .
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One month to go...

The time is nearly upon us 🙏🙌🎸👤☀️

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