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The left & top are from the first day that I abused Xanax. This was also during the time period that I experienced my first debilitating bout with depression. I was completely empty on the inside.
The bottom right is me today. There’s light in my eyes. Today, I walk with clear eyes, a full heart, and purpose. #recovery #sobriety #sober #hope #blessed #love #peace #serenity

Never forgotten

In sobriety I’ve put my family through more pain than they should’ve had in a lifetime. I’ve had to watch my friends die all around me.
I lived on a couch for a month, with everything I owned in my car, and I became ok with the ants crawling all over me.
Last year, I lived without power and ate almost exclusively Ramen Noodles for a month in the summer, cause I couldn’t afford to pay the bills after roommates turned their backs on me.
I’ve been dumped.. Twice.
I was fired from a job for the first time in my life. ..But I have never been happier, in my life, than I am right now and I haven’t felt the need to drink or drug over any of it. Happy, joyous, and free might sound corny, but it’s no bullshit. There is no feeling as good as coming out the other side of tough times having earned a great life. ..except for the feeling of receiving a text like this from my mother.. I love you, mom. @kathleenw605
#recovery #sober #hope #blessed #peace #happiness #love #goodlife #hardwork #12steps

Life on life’s terms.
#recovery #godsplan #hope

On this very day five years ago I was in a fatal car accident as a direct result of my lifestyle while in active addiction. I wholeheartedly believed I was gonna take my last breaths that day. I was TIRED. I was broken mentally, physically and spiritually. I was desperate not only for my life, but for a different way to live. I know today that I'm alive only by divine help and Gods immeasurable love and grace. I'm convinced that my dad/guardian angel 😇 plays a roll in that too. GOD took a broken person and made me a vessel for his glory. 5 years later I still don't have it all together but I DO know my purpose... and that's to make a difference in the lives of others that don't know a solution. There is lots of blood, sweat and tears between dreams and success. I refuse to stop sharing hope and love! please please reach out if you're struggling. THANK YOU GOD 💜 I 👏🏻 AM 👏🏻 SO 👏🏻 BLESSED 👏🏻 YALL 👏🏻 #tragedyturnedtriump

Good Morning 😃
I can’t do it for a fellow addict, but I can be there to provide help when they are ready. If you are struggling today, and you’ve had enough, reach out for help. #recovery #hope #peace #faith #believe #blessed #sobriety #12steps #life #motivated

End the #stigma Don’t be quiet. Stand up for yourself and ask for help if you need it.
#sobriety #blessed #hope #recovery #love

Amethyst Recovery Center is providing the best possible care for each client that comes through our doors. We have the unique capability, through the multiple tracks that we offer, to treat the individual client’s specific needs. Above are some photos of our brand new, state of the art, detox & residential center.
I stand behind all the statements that I make and will do my best to help any individual that reaches out to me.

If you would like more information on our programs, feel free to message me or call me at (732)977-5307.
#recovery #sobriety #serenity #peace #love #hope #blessed🙏

A little over two years ago, the pain I felt was finally enough and I went to get the help I needed. If you are struggling today, know that there is meaning in your pain. It is valid and deserves to be addressed. There is hope and there is help. Reach out for help if you need it!
#recovery #sobriety #hope #blessed #future #goals #health

***If you think there is no hope for you, Here is a letter that I wrote with two weeks sober. Reach out for help. If I can stay sober, anyone can.***
Dear Drugs & alcohol,
If it were acceptable I would write this letter using my own blood as the ink. It would be a relief if I could. At least then I could produce something profound to represent the once articulate mind that you’ve reduced to nothing more than average. You overtook my being in much the same way a rogue wave might overwhelm a ship at sea. You’ve robbed me of my discipline with a level of skill that would make the greatest of jewel thieves red with envy. All metaphors aside, I am left alone with an emptiness that no words could ever do justice. I am left trying to find meaning in a world that once had such promise, but now seems to hold nothing but pain and darkness. All that I have left is an anger that seems to have a death grip on my beaten down soul. This anger burns with the unrelenting heat of a thousand suns. It, however will never defeat me the way you imagined you had. Your manipulation will never outlast the fire that now burns inside me. This fire will defeat you with a ruthless violence. This violence has become so familiar to me that this action feels nearly poetic. I can never see again that which has been thoroughly destroyed.
Goodbye forever,
#recovery #sobriety #hope #blessed #blessings #god #strength #florida #southflorida

Don’t let the disease of addiction lie to you! End The Stigma! If you need help reach out! #hope #blessed #recovery

Please take a second to say a prayer for all those still struggling with addiction, it is a special kind of hell. We are always here to help should you need to reach out!! #hell #addiction #rehab #rehabtime #drugs #havehope #recoveryisworthit #heroin #battle #church #prayer

I’m an accomplished winner and a notorious loser. I’ve been called a great guy and I’ve been called a low life. I’ve learned to embrace both. I’ve ridden the highs of my wins and learned from my losses. I’ve faced adversity in my life, but I’m proud to be still standing and chasing my dreams. I could easily sit back, blame my mental illnesses/addiction for my short comings, and quit. There are plenty of people who wouldn’t blame me for that. Some days it feels impossible to even get out of bed, because of depression that I will never be able to explain, but I do my best to push forward. I succeed because I insist on being remembered for my recovery instead of my active addiction or my mental illness.
I could not care less if you are sick of me posting about my experiences. The only way I know how to pay back those who have helped me is to pay it forward. If everyone in the world has given up on you, know that I’m still here to help. I embrace the challenge of helping the lowest of the low because that was me.
If you need help with your addiction, or just need someone to talk to, call me at anytime. (732)977-5307

The fact that this picture exists is surreal to me. It is the true definition of things “coming full circle.” We saw each other struggle, now we get to work together, and guide addicts toward the path of least resistance. It is truly an honor to call you my friend, @njbellofatto .

If you know somebody who is struggling with substance abuse, please have them reach out. There is an easier way to live. I promise you that.
Do not hesitate. I’ve been through the struggle and I can help. (732)977-5307

If you know somebody who struggles with substance abuse, have them contact me. I’ve been through the struggle and I can help. 🙏🙏🙏
#hope #changes #team #amethyst #blessed #sober #recovery #sobriety

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