Newport Pier/Tower 22


just another sunday #morningrun #newportbeach

Coconut Oil 101
The saturated fat found in coconut oil (as opposed to meats and cheese) are made up of roughly 2/3 medium chain triglycerides, which are utilized by the body differently
Long chain fatty acids are digested slowly and absorbed through your intestinal wall, where they can combine with fats and proteins called lipoproteins, where as MCTs don't require bile or pancreatic enzymes to be digested -- they are transported directly to your liver which then converts the MCTs into ketones
MCTs can be broken up into different groups based on their carbon length -- caproic acid (6 carbons) caprylic acid (8 carbons) capric acid (10 carbons) and lauric acid (12 carbons)
True coconut oil has a mixture of ALL medical chain fats (with lauric acid making up 40%), whereas MCT oil is fractionated coconut oil or palm oil, which only contains C8 and C10
There is NO need to put MCT oil in your coffee, for F*ck sake just cook your vegetables with organic coconut oil to reap all of the benefits.. you can even use it a natural razor burn remedy, lip balm, hair mask or eye makeup remover
If you are looking to increase ketones then buy straight caprylic acid, as it converts ketones more rapidly than do C10 fats and are easier on the digestive tract
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Final day of fun in the 🌞

oh so beachy☀️😎

1st time 🎣

Then we went to the Sand.

Pier Club Service Announcement: Water is not in the 50’s anymore, sea lions are mean and donuts are good. 🤙🏼🍩🌊🏊🏼‍♂️ #pierclub #newps #elnewport #donthasslemeimlocal

Love this girl so so much 😍❤️ @ash_harrison7 #bae #goals #relationshipgoals #relationship #loveher

good morning everyone #run #saturday #newportbeach

I was out of uniform, water was cold, but I discovered maple frosted cake donuts! #pierclub #newps #elnewport #seasidedonuts

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