Found this gem while waiting for the elevators today- proof that great #ux is a ride you don't even know you're on.

Today we took a field trip to talk all things ideation with the masterminds behind disruptive tech company, Hyper Innovation.
It. Was. Awesome.
#agencylife #innovation #tech

Did you know that 100state not only has an art room, but has an Artist in Residence program? Meet @samchristandson 100art’s intern and AiR! He helps plan the art shows with Art Director @megz720 and is constantly bringing new ideas to keep the space creative and welcoming for artists! .
#100stateofmind #coworkingspace

Meet our #100crypto sponsor Michael Best! Michael Best is a full service law firm with more than 250 lawyers. We’re thrilled to have them supporting our blockchain initiative! .
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NEW WORK! 💥 “Was it all a dream?” Pt. I + II
Pt. I - 36”x36”
Pt. II - 36”x48”
Acrylic on canvas

For Sale and currently up at 100State 🎉 Email me for inquiries! Happy Friday beautiful people!

Which of these do hear most frequently? 🤔 I think 4 is one of the most prevalent and misguided. 🙅‍♂️ It’s not luck. 🍀 It’s skill, dedication and hardwork. 💪

Always magic.

Tastes like summer in Madison! First 100state squad #COTS was a success.
#coworkingspace #entrepreneur #100stateofmind #bemadison

Acrylic and acrylic medium on canvas

Currently on display and for sale at @100state 🎉

“St. Fort, who has played a prominent role within the city’s growing tech and startup community, announced that he would step down as 100state’s executive director...” .
To learn more about who will be taking over as the executive team, click the link in our bio!
#coworkingspace #entrepreneur #100stateofmind

If you told me when I first started at @100state that in three years, I would not only become our FIRST female executive director but also lead the first all-female exec team, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Needless to say, a lot has changed in three years and thank goodness it did because BELIEVE IT BABY! I am so thrilled to be joining an incredible legacy of leaders, leading this community, and doing it all with this absolutely amazing lady at my side!
Stay tuned Madison: we’ve got a few more surprises in store

You’re looking at the two girls running Wisconsin’s largest coworking space 👯‍♀️ can’t wait to start the next chapter of 100state with this BRILLIANT girl by my side!!!

Pancake Mondays #awesome

This #typetuesday is coming from the ❤ and freelancing community of #madison! .
I'm part of the @freelancersu and each month we have these great meet ups and discuss topics that freelancers often come across. It's a great way to get advice and share your experiences with others. It's really been a huge help to my business and my social life!
Now onto to the #type! Sometimes during these meetings someone takes notes for the group on a whiteboard. These illustrations were drawn by no other than Tim Sanders of @curious.charts! It's always a pleasure watching Tim draw and seeing what comic relief he slips in there.
So if you're looking to meet some cool people or just get out of your house, attend one of the meetings! AND be sure to check out Tim's work, it's pretty amazing!!

Meet our newest sponsors @wipflicareers! We’re so excited to have partnered with such a talented group of folks and look forward to the year to come. .
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My love. Thank you for supporting me and joining me on this journey. Sorry that our house is always filled with Playboys and canvases, and that I’m kind of a mess. But I am filled with endless gratitude for your love and encouragement! 💖✨💐

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