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Amazing Big Top #immersive #cirque based in Oakland
#SoiledDove plays gorgeous tracks by @jazzmafiaofficial with a special VIP wine experience + gorgeous drunken-burlesque flying x8

Spent a large portion of Sunday on my ballots. California sends you a packet by state, county, and city on the candidates and propositions. For props it gives you the details, arguments in favor and against, rebuttals to favor and against. Even with this still went to Ballotpedia, LA Times, SF Chronicle, SJ Mercury and local publications so I could make informed decisions. I dropped my vote off at a dropbox today.

This year's election is important. Make sure you vote. It might not take minutes, but if you can spend 30 minutes uploading photos here, you can spend the time to vote.

#vote #voted #midterms #bluewave #election2018

Tao in wit my homie he got a new challenge going on call the #gooddeedchallenge im bout to try next @__mannyarson let try summ different

Good Morning

Please don't call me a bartender, I am a Mixologist! #HappyHour #pleasedrinkresposibly

welcome to my world

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