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The Pacific Ocean


Rare capture of a human girl's legs transforming into a mermaid tail!

🛂✨The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonders forever 💙🌊 #lostatsea #favoriteplaceonearth #happynewyear

Great Day on the water 🐙🐙🎣⚓️

you don't wanna fall in love I know~

Before you know it I'll be diving much deeper than this and with a tank of O2 on my back. 😌🤙🏽🐬

Just cruisin, all smiles. So appreciative of this beautiful island I can call home. Every day is full of adventure 💕

Getting my Wanderlust on & enjoying gifts from lovely ladies around the world ✨ Tap for Details @welikebali @farronswim @lasbayadas

Spent discovery day in my favorite playground


👋🏼Hi, from a happy little swede who's spotting whales and feeling very content with life🐋

Thx HNL 🇺🇸 >>> Came back 2 JPN 🇯🇵 Mahalo 🌴🌺☀️

조한희 만나는 곳 100m전 🐠
다이버 형이 멋진 영상 찍어준다고 캠을 가져가놓고 마할로 인사와 함께 전원을 끄심...😑
#하와이 #와이키키 #호놀룰루 #수중스쿠터
#마할로 #알로하 #노력하는모습봄 #너의죄를사하노라


Thursday afternoon feels xx

Looking for dinner 🐠 #MermaidLife

looking for Atlantis

all i need 💖 #titahsrealquick #fcknquick

I'm ready to go back to Big Island now

#KappaSigmaHawaii #OmicronZeta
#BigIsland #808 #Sunset

I'd much rather be in the ocean than inside on this rainy day 🌊🐬🍍🤙🏼

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