St. Johns, Portland


Finding magic in all the hidden places #wandering #hiddenportland #buddha

Our neighbor's tree came down last night and narrowly missed everything except a power pole. No power for us. Lucky!

ADU sneak peak. It’s finally coming together. Stay tuned. @kbarron244

Coaching/parenting/don’t eat @gina_franta ‘s raspberries.
Shout out to our neighbors for the weeknight background banter.

Moving again!

Half sleeve of a hawk conjuring slash participating in a storm. This took three four hour sessions but wow was it worth the wait. It looks so good and I’m exceedingly thrilled with it. Artist is @ajunkysock who is just awesome. Thanks Jun!!!

Sometimes you see a guy walking his pony and the three dogs you’re walking lose their minds!!! #onlyinportland #keepportlandweird #pawsitivestepspdx

summer is here and #SummerErin is here for it

❤🌈❤many thanks to @lisalilyskybot for keeping the 🌈 so fresh...


Asa by Asa

Moon in a Pink Sky

Last week I made #springonionkimchi with loads of spring onions from my garden. With leftover sushi rice I made #kimchifriedrice with #pickledcarrots, #snappeas, bacon, egg, garlic/ginger/lime leaf/birds eye chili, soy/oyster/xiao xing/fish sauce, mint, cilantro, peanuts, and crispy rice.

Pink Sky Canyons

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