Spenard, Anchorage


Padron w/ some 20 year Port!

Bone dad sad!

Love this!

Grew up on the block where everyday I had to go pass this windmill, Definitely a Spenard monument. I love my neighborhood I love my town. #iamdjblaque #spenard #spenardkid #underthewindmill #kootswindmill #koots #anchoragelife #907life #spenardkid

8:30 p.m., June 14, 2018.

We added a few hidden design elements during this weeks initial sketch process for the one and done Spenard design. Comment below if you see it!

24 hours in a day feels like 14 so thank you for everyone’s patience when it takes me days to reply to a text or a week to respond to an email (😳). So here’s a photo back from when I could keep my room clean, cause I’m 3 months deep into a gridlocked schedule and what even is a clean room anyway?

Playing my favorite summertime game from my rooftop. The game is “guess what time it is?” That’s your cue to say “Hmm, looks like 7:30 or 8pm” and then I say “No! It’s 11:10pm!!!” And the appropriate reaction to that is: 🤯 #landofthemidnightsun Shout out to @lxtruong who is the most excellent at this game.

#girlnoticed mural unveiling tonight at Lutheran Social Services then follow our chalked walk to @churchoflovespenard for more art, music and food. #streetactivation #placemaking #streetsasplaces

We finished laying out the beds for the Garden today! #spenardcommunitygarden #communitygardens #permaculture

Made some fun cake the other day #cakey

Bees! This guy has had bees for over 20 years. He said he has 15 hives and when they’re ready he’ll move them to different parts of town. Right now they’re growing still and he feeds them a sugar water mix. When he first started it was around $30 to get his bees sent up each year but now it’s around $200 per hive. As he was talking little bee friends were flying around and landing on him 🐝❤️ I’m totally stopping back by in a couple weeks to check out the honeycombs. I love Spenard.

🔊 on for crazy eagle noises. 🦅

After five years it finally happened.... I saw someone riding my stolen bike down Spenard yesterday. Should I try to do something? What would you do?

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